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  • IC Aggravation

    Is it just me or does anyone else experience extreme aggravation of thier IC symptoms with bowel movements? I am hoping Im not the only one, because this IC is enough really cant handle any more on my plate.....

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    I'm new to all this, as i just got diagnosed a couple weeks ago, but have been having symptoms i think for years. I do notice that if I go pee, and can't have a bm, the pain is worse. and usually there is this pressure that hurts inside. So i don't know if that's the same as what you are talking about, but after I have the bm, it feels better, although it still feels like i have to pee. Sorry if this wasn't very helpful, i'm still trying to figure it all out myself!!


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      The bowels and bladder are very close to each other --- I know constipation is not good with IC.

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        Yes, Donna is right. Constipation can cause an increase in symptoms. I also notice a slight increase in symptoms after a BM sometimes. Scientists have discovered that the nerves in the bowel and bladder can "cross-talk".. meaning they can talk to each other and they think that's why bowel problems affect the bladder and vice versa.


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          Hi Stacie,

          This is exactly my problem. I'm almost scared to have a bm now because of the bowel pain that ensues. The other day I felt like my bladder went into spasm afterward. It's terrible!


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            What I take

            I have colon issues also so I try to be very regular I take the Acacia fiber (2 tsp a day) from the ICN shop, I also take a tsp of psyllium fiber each day. Additionally, I take 2 chlorophyll tablets a day.

            I guess you are in a bit of a dilemma, however, if you aren't regular that might cause more pain. I hope that you can find something that will help.


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              I have noticed that as well! Crazy thing is at times after having a BM I will have what feels like a muscle spasm or muscle cramp. It will hurt so bad for about 30-40 minutes. I have found walking slowly until you can get moving normally will help it to go away a little sooner. The worst part is getting up off the toliet once it starts. I have even just sat and held my breath trying to not move any. Only good news I can give you about that (if its the same pain I have experienced) is it doesn't happen everytime I go, just from time to time. (usually about once every 2 or 3 months.) Good Luck and God Bless
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