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How long does it take to get over a flare caused by a UTI?

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  • How long does it take to get over a flare caused by a UTI?

    I was just wondering. I was on Cipro then my horrible pain when urinating came back so they gave me a rocephin shot on Monday and Macrodantin and pyridium. It is Friday and my bladder still doesnt feel well. It aches and I have to pee a lot more than usual. I am suppose to get the results back of my urine culture today. But anyway I was just wondering how long this flare might last? Thanks

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    One more question.. Please read

    I had a lot of bacteria in my urine.. When they checked it Monday. They gave me a rocephin shot and I took 2 Macrodantin that day. The next morning I caught my urine took it in to them and they sent it off for a culture. Well I just called and the culture did not grow anything. So my question is.. Could it be because the rocpehin shot and the macrodantin killed the bacteria or that I never had a UTI in the first place? This really worries me. Because I was in so much pain Monday and when I would urinate at the end it would double me over. So now I am not sure if it was a flare or a UTI. Thank you


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      Are you still in pain? it could have been a flare and uti.
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        One time it took several months and tweaking my meds before the flare went away.


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          I feel like I have been kicked in my pubic area and I am having frequency. I am still on the macrodantin. My bladder just hurts. But at this time I am not doubling over when I pee.