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UTI Culture Negative. Please Advise

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  • UTI Culture Negative. Please Advise

    Ok well I went to the dr 2 weeks ago with horrible bladder pain and excruciating burning at the end of urination. They did a urnialysis and said I had blood, wbc, and some bacteria. Gave me Cipro and pyridium. I took the Cipro for 5 days skipped a day and my symptoms came back. Same thing painful urination.. So the dr gave me a rocephin shot, macrodantin and pyridium. then he told me to come back the next day with a clean catch urine and they would send it off to get cultured. Well I did and the culture came back negative. So did the antibiotic shot and the 2 macrodantin pills I took the day before I caught my urine make it negative? Or did I not have a UTI at all and it was just my IC? I am feeling some better but I am still well aware of my bladder. I am just scared. Thanks

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    Kind of the same

    Last time I had a UTI that was pretty severe. I just felt like I still had the infection. It was the weekend so I couldn't make it to the doctors. I did the IZOD test and it showed I still had the infection. I still had pain.

    However, I waited and within about 4 days I started feeling better. So for me it took a while for the pain to go away. I just assumed I was negative by then. It is pretty unnerving because you don't want to have a long UTI.

    I guess our bodies are pretty weird and hard to figure out.


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      I had the same problem and they did a culture too and it came back negative as well!! You are right it is very scary.