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    I too have lots of food allergies, so I have a more restricted diet than just IC, is isn't optional for me as eating these things make my lips, tongue, throat swell, I wheeze and cough etc.

    I have to carry an epi pen with me all the time. Even just something touching mt tongue will cause an reaction. I am pretty good at tasting things in food so I almost never eat more than one bit of an offending food. Also I have learned that if I take 2 benadryl as soon as I know I ate something or start to react, it will greatly lesson the severity of my reaction.

    I truly don't know if it bothers my bladder because of taking the antihistamine right away.

    It is hard to do but avoiding IC irritants and food allergies is so worth it to me, I just do it. Of course I have always had to food allergies so it is just a way of life for me I never have been able to eat the spices, herbs or seasonings.

    To begin with as I kid I used to just get itchy after eating offending foods, then I got hives and itching, then it changed to chest pain. Chest pain with lips, tongue, throat swelling, I wheeze and cough as well.

    The more you're exposed to things you are allergic too the worse your reaction can get.

    I wonder if benadryl cream would help with the itching, it is for itching from allergic reactions.

    Good Luck MG Read those labels
    My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.