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  • Does This Happen to Anyone?

    I have bought so many large underpants hoping it will not hurt the bladder and IC belly. Either they fall down or are made for people with larger hips. When the weather is warm I wear dresses without panties at all. This really helps my bladder. Anyone else do this? Any solutions to this problem as colder weather is coming and I'll need panties. I have one in my drawer that doesn't hurt. God bless every one here and take care. I really would appreciate an answer about the panties.
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    I don't seem to have problem with underpants. I just buy them one size larger than my actual size.

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      Gee the only think I can think of would maybe be men's boxers since they are looser but not sure how tight around the waist they would be. Or maybe a woman's nylon pant slip that is worn under dresses. I never had a problem with underwear bothering my bladder so I'm guessing here as to what could help.


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        The only way I can manage is with Hanes boycut shorts. They have a nice thick waistband that is higher than most, loose fit, and for me it was also really important that they didn't hug around my legs or thighs/groin area too tightly because I am ever so sensitive there. The leg-hole parts don't even have elastic, so in that way they are more like men's underwear. I need to find more, as this is not going away anytime soon, I feel. Best of luck!


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          I don't wear underware unless I am in a dress, but I have thought I would buy what spring2011 just discribed just in case i need a pair.

          You also might have better luck wearing silk longunderwear under pants if you need something.

          My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.