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    Has anyone here (particularly men) had difficulty storing small amounts, having to empty frequently with a weak stream for months on end and then had a remission and things actually got back to or close to normal? I just fear that my bladder will never be the same again and I won't be able to fill up with 8 oz. or more and have a more steady strong stream again, which is going to keep life miserable forever.

    At times I feel like I'm gonna pee a lot more than usual and it's the same old 2 or 3 ounces. It just took a lot longer to get to that amount, maybe from simply drinking less or for some reason my urine production being very low at the time. Even after trying distractions and holding off for a few hours, I can't pee more than 200 cc. I know this is far from normal.

    It seems like the OAB meds I've tried lower urine production more so than lessen urges. Anyone else find this?

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    Low volume and urgency:

    I can identify with this part of I.C. For me, the weak stream and low volume last for a few days or weeks and then it just randomly subsides and goes back to normal. When I'm in a flare like that, I'll feel like I have to go, only go a little bit, then about 30 minutes later feel like I have to go again. It really is frustrating, so I feel your pain.

    What helps me is drinking a whole bottle of water every few hours. At first it makes me more uncomfortable because it's stretching my bladder, but after a day or so it helps the bladder get used to it and back to normal. I have never been on any OAB medications as I try to stay away from prescriptions. The one prescription I have taken to try and calm the urgency and low volume problems I have is Vistaril - I've tried taking 2 pills at the first sign of a flare up.

    It makes me sleepy and sometimes I wake up and the flare has stopped, other times it seems like it was totally ineffective. I.C. is a strange disease, indeed.

    Good luck and feel free to ask me anything - I have consulted with both Dr. Parsons and Dr. Evans (renown I.C. specialists) and have personally learned alot about it myself for the past 7 years.

    Diagnosed with IC in 2005, since then have been diagnosed with an unspecified autoimmune disease, with inflammation in my bladder, colon, left knee, left ear, left eye, lungs and pericardium. Argh!

    Medical research addict.

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      (It seems like the OAB meds I've tried lower urine production more so than lessen urges. Anyone else find this?)

      OAB meds cause me to have retention, I am still making the urine but can't get it out.

      Could this be what is happening to you?

      Does the OAB help your symptoms enough to stay on it? You could discuss trying a break from it to see if your stream picks up and hence volume.

      Just a thought. MG
      My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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        I originally tried Enablex for a couple weeks a while back without much improvement. He then had me try two weeks of Vesicare and two weeks of Toviaz (on day 4 now). The vesicare seemed to be a tad helpful, but not enough to be happy about. The Toviaz is much stronger it seems. To the point that in the morning I can't go, but have the strong desire. It's not a pleasant feeling. I don't think these meds are doing me much good.

        When not on these, I feel like I have to go just a little more often, but at least I'm able to. My stream is never strong. And I mean never. My volume is never more than 4 ounces unless I sleep heavily enough, and wake up with a very strong urge. Then I may have 6 ounces. Still...weak stream unfortunately.

        This is why I (or the URO) can't be certain I have IC. I think I have some kind of obstruction somewhere that creates the urge/desire, but I just don't have a clue where. My prostate checked out fine numerous times. And the URO after cysto and urodynamics didn't find anything abnormal either.

        It just seems to me that most stories I read about people with IC, seem to state that at least something helps or hurts. With me everything is constant. Nothing changes anything. Whether it's diet, meds, pt, etc. I have the same exact problem...As soon as I get about 2 ounces in my bladder I have penile pressure and discomfort that subsides when I empty. Nothing changes this from what I've tried so far. I cannot store comfortably and therefore I cannot forcefully pee. Why is this so difficult to fix? Ugggg!!!

        Just a guess...Maybe my prostate appears fine, and I'm on the young side for it to have a problem, but I'm wondering if it could still somehow be pinching my urethra. When I ask the Uro, he highly doubts it. Anyone know how this could be definitively ruled out? I read about a test which uses an X-ray to view how things open up as you pee. Voiding Cystourethrogram I believe. Maybe I need this done, but it seems like it's for young kids from what I've read. I just need to know what the root of this whole problem is.

        Thank you again!!