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Is this IC or Not?

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  • Is this IC or Not?

    I was just recently diagnosed with IC by my Urologist who immediatly prescribed me Oxybutanin and gave me uribel to use 4X a day if needed. The symptoms started about 3 1/2 weeks ago when i thought i had a UTI but no bacteria was found. I have a pressure on my bladder that makes me feel like i always have to go to the bathroom. I have occasional back pain but nothing that makes me want to curl in a ball. The pain actually went away when i had my period which i have read with IC is not common. I also have the Frequency thing but i have also given up soda and been drinking alot more water so im not sure if thats what i can attribute that to.

    Does anyone else have this mild of symptoms and is this IC? Also -- the Medicine ive been on for 4 days has helped a bit but i still have the feeling of having to go hanging around

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    Re: Is this IC or Not?

    Yes, it's possible to have mild symptoms. What kinds of testing did you have to reach a diagnosis?

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      Re: Is this IC or Not?

      Trying to decide what to do. Been thru all the usual testing , drs and everything years ago. Was I remission for about two years now in a flare. Have a appointment with a new uro/gyno this week but am worried he will want to do all the old standard stuff all over again/ meds/ instills all invasive procedures. I want to try to find the root of my problem not just cover the symptoms. Also located a holistic dr close to me that claims to aggressively look for root cause of illness. I have not been officially diagnosed with ic but was told yes thru elimination of everything else. Have been confirmed with pfd and seeing a therapist. I am also in menapause and strongly think hormones affect me. Don't know if I should cancel uro/gyno appt and go straight to holistic dr. Or should go to both and see which one I feel will help me the most. The only test I have had directly for ic is just the scope ,my bladder was not stretched) which showed no ic. I have no urgency , mainly just burning specifically when I sit and burning in labia, and pain in abdomen when in sitting position not when laying down. Am currently taking desert aloe and corn silk. Pain seems to go away overnight but comes right back when begin to stir next day. Been sent in so many directions in the past don't know which way to go now. What do you recommend? Prayers for wellness for us all. Twanna


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        Re: Is this IC or Not?

        I have only had a few tests done - I've been to my OBGYN who did all the standard tests which came back negative then i went to see a Uro who made sure my bladder was emptying fully and then had a CT done to check my Kidneys. Ian scheduled in April to have a Cysto done to look at my bladder but she said they may not see anything since it could be in the beginning stages. She said that based on my symptoms and having had many UTIs when i was younger that its most likely IC

        If its not IC i don't know what else would make sense.

        Also i feel 100% if i take Uribel 3 times a day but I'm worries b/c I've seen some bad reviews that it makes your urine more acidic which can actually have a negative affect on you! Its so confusing


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          Re: Is this IC or Not?

          Twanna, why you dont let your hormones checked? Some women who got IC like symptoms after menopause, actually solved the problem with estrogen cream and / or progesterone orally, depends what is missing.
          Also you should use daily vaginal probiotics/ lactobacillus, coconut oil vaginally or some natural lubricant. See, if this helps a bit.


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            Re: Is this IC or Not?

            Thank you have an appt to check hormones in two weeks. I hope I get some answers soon.