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    Hello everyone! I need some advice. I was diagnosed about a year ago and after a lot of experimenting with diet and supplements got my symptoms mostly gone. I got over confident and started eating whatever I want. Boom flare time. New symptom is the bloated, firm ic belly. I'm back on the strict diet but haven't noticed any improvement yet. Wondering if anyone has any tips on how to deal with this? It's not painful but I hate it and none of my clothes fit. Thanks in advance!!!

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    Re: IC Belly

    Once the inflammation is eased, that usually takes care of the IC belly issue. My suggestion is to stick with the diet, be sure to drink around 6 cups of water daily, and pick up a couple of pairs of loose fitting pants to wear on those days when there is some swelling --- and try to relax. When you feel better try not to worry about the belly --- and stick with the diet.

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      Re: IC Belly

      Thanks for the reply Donna! I do drink at least 2 liters of water a day but I'll try not to stress about the belly. I'm not in the mood to shop really but I'll try to find a few flattering work outfits. Luckily loose and flowy is in!


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        Re: IC Belly

        Hi, Molly. I'm at the point where I don't even know whether my on-and-off bloating is due to my IC or bile reflux, but my wardrobe is prepared either way with leggings, jeggings, skirts, and dresses These items all tend to have a good stretch to them that pants don't.

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          Re: IC Belly

          @ green_the_fish I got some comfy skirts/tops/dressy looking yoga pants that aren't binding and drapey enough that they don't accent the belly. Spent too much money at Target but I'm feeling better. Thanks for the reply! I'm hoping to find some comfy dresses too.


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            Re: IC Belly

            Returning to your previous diet might be helpful. Look into your wardrobe i bet you will find something that fits in


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              Re: IC Belly

              Oh the dreaded IC belly! I have been feeling really good the last 5 days. Thought I was over this flare. Then today, the frequency and pressure returned some and sure enough, out pops my belly! It's super frustrating because clothes really doesn't fit. I have found that for jeans, I pull a small rubber band through the hole where the button goes, then circle it around the button. That way it gives me a few extra inches which means a lot during a flare. Otherwise, I can't wear my jeans. I just make sure I wear a shirt long enough to cover the button.

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                Re: IC Belly

                my2boys99, I do the rubber band thing too! Lately I've just been doing leggings and long drapey shirts. I'm feeling a little better after getting strict on my diet but still dealing with the belly. *Sigh" thanks for your replies everyone!


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                  Re: IC Belly

                  have you tried using heating pads or soaking in a tub of warm water with Epsom salts? Sometimes that can relieve the inflammation also. Hang in there.....sending you understanding hugs....
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