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  • Period!

    Does anybody find symptoms improve/vanish during their period??

    My IC always vanishes on my two worst bleeding days (... I always get my hopes up it won’t come back!) – they’ve tested me for endometriosis and I’ve tried going on the pill again but no avail. Bloods say hormones are ‘normal’. My women’s health physio thought it might be because the pelvis relaxes during a period and the cervix opens to ‘drain’ (... lovely, I know!) and my muscles are quite tight.

    Looking forward to hearing anyone else’s experiences.

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    Re: Period!

    For the most part, yes. When my bladder is acting up, it will often completely go away for the first 2-3 days of my period. However, I have had bad flares where my period has made me worse. I have no idea why. I am 45 years and in perimenopause, so that may be why.
    Diagnosed 1/7/14 via cysto/hydro

    Current Treatment:
    10 mg amitriptyline, DH Aloe Vera

    Used During Flares:
    Uribel, extra DH Aloe Vera, Klonopin and Tramadol (as needed)

    Practicing bladder training and stress control (hot baths, pelvic stretching)
    Recently tried PT, do not appear to have PFD

    Things that have not helped in the past:
    Oxybutynin, Vesicare, Pyridium, Myrbetriq, Vagifem

    Also have migraines and IBS


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      Re: Period!

      Yes that's very common because your estrogen levels are slowly increasing. Patients usually flare a couple of days before their periods when their estrogen levels are at their lowest! I went through that many times!

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        Re: Period!

        Thanks all!

        It's weird cos when my oestrogen levels are at their highest (ovulation), my bladder is so bad biut when they are low, it is ok! From what I've read people have the opposite!