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  • Flare when sick

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone else gets flares when they are sick that are not medication related. I find that I always have pain in my kidneys and bladder when I get the flu or stomach bugs. Does any one else experience this?

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    Re: Flare when sick

    When I'm sick I usually get a UTI to go along with it.

    Hope you feel better soon.


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      Re: Flare when sick

      My bladder acts weird when I'm sick. I am able to hold my pee in a LOT longer than usual, and when I do go, it is easier to relax my bladder and fully empty it. But, the burning is a little worse than usual. I know that if I take anything with pseudoephedrine (Sudafed), that hurts my bladder.

      ***Please private message me if you have any more questions, or just need someone to talk to I joined this site when I was diagnosed at 13 and the support was so wonderful, I enjoy "paying it forward" to those who were recently diagnosed.
      Diagnosed with IC in 2005, since then have been diagnosed with an unspecified autoimmune disease, with inflammation in my bladder, colon, left knee, left ear, left eye, lungs and pericardium. Argh!

      Medical research addict.

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        Re: Flare when sick

        I have both IC and MS and my IC symptoms are almost always worse when I have an MS attack.

        Diagnosed with IC and Hunner's Lesions June 1 2016
        I also suffer form MS, Vulvodynia and Rheumatoid Arthritis

        I am married with 3 children: a son and two twin daughters.

        IC Symptoms: Burning inside the bladder that gets worse as the bladder fills and is almost unbearable during urination.

        MS Symptoms: Urinary Incontinence, Muscle Spasms, Numbness and tingling in my legs, balance and gait issues.

        Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms: Severe Joint pain and swelling in my knees and ankles.