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what is EC???

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  • what is EC???

    Hi, Could someone explain what EC is as opposed to IC?



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    Hello Dee:

    I found this information on the ICN website.

    Eosinophilic cystitis (EC) is a rare bladder disorder that has symptoms similar to interstitial cystitis (frequency, urgency, pain, spasms and bleeding). The pain from EC is constant and unrelenting, very difficult to control. Bleeding can be profuse at times. It appears that EC occurs in both men and women, of all ages. However, no formal epidemiological studies have been conducted.

    In most cases, the cause of EC is known. Chemotherapy and radiation
    treatments are known causes. It is also suspected that some medications amy contribute to its development. EC is sometimes a symptom of hypereosinophilia, and it can also be caused by something a simple as a food allergy. What happens with EC is the blood cells (eosinophils) that normally attack allergens and foreign objects in the body begin attacking normal healthy tissue - in our case, the bladder. For this reason, when there's no known cause for EC, some doctors and pathologists think it may be an autoimmune disorder.

    For patients who have known cause, the cure can be as simple as eliminating or controlling that cause, followed by a course of high, tapering doses of corticosteroids. Sometimes EC patients must have the effected area of the bladder removed (partial cystectomy). Others have been helped by DMSO treatments. Many children have been diagnosed with EC that usually clears up on its own, others have required treatment. Cyclosporin has helped some pediatric patients.

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    God bless, Yvonne