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Trouble Holding My Urine

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  • Trouble Holding My Urine

    This is driving me crazy. Sometimes my urgency is so bad I am leaking urine on my way to the bathroom. I have discussed this with my Urologist and he said it was because my bladder is so inflammed. I don't know what to do at this point I have had three cystoscopies two with biopsies. I have had three bladder instillations with decadron, lidocaine and marcaine. Each one caused pain and urine retention so my Urologist put a stop to that for now. I am worrying myself to death because I think I am going to have a accident on myself. I am afraid to be intimate with my boyfriend. I don't drink enough fluids (I know this is bad). I am at my wits end. My current medicines are Enablex, Pyridium Plus, Hydroxyzine and Oxycodone and they only help the problem a little. My Urologist wants me to see a immunologist. I don't know what that appointment will be like. If anyone else has this problem what do you do to manage it? Thanks!

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    I am sorry to hear that but I think I have similar symptoms. I feel like I am constantly in the bathroom to the point I barely go out anymore. Like you I know Im not drinking enough fluids (water) but when I do drink a bottle of water I feel like for every sip I take will be another trip to the bathroom. I have heard kegels works a bit with the leaking and mine isnt that bad but there are times the urgency is awful. Sorry Im not any help but just wanted to let you know that you are not alone.


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      Hi Pretty Eyes, I noticed the pain medications you take and I had tried many different ones to no avail. Out of despiration from sever pain I tried medication that I had left over from a few years ago for something else so I tried it and it works for me. I told my doctor and so he has been prescribing it. The med is Fentenyl patches. I use the 50 mcg patch and the only pain I have now is immediately after urinating for a minute or so. I was recently dx with IC (after 7 long months of symptoms and pain) and I felt it was the end of the world but am now so happy with pain relief. I don't know if this medication would work for any of you but it sure does for me.
      I am so grateful for having found this web site and look forward to reading all the posts.
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