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Ic/protein in urine…worried!

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  • Ic/protein in urine…worried!

    Hi! I just wanted to ask if anyone here besides having IC also has protein in the urine. I have had IC for almost 10 yrs and recently I applied for a life insurance and that is how I found out that I had high levels of protein in my urine 103 I believe. I went to my urologist and he also found protein in my urine. I just called for the results so I can't ask him if this is normal in IC patients until I go see him again. My question for you is, is this normal in IC patients or is there something wrong with my kidneys. I have an appointment with a nephrologist (kidney doctor) on Saturday Aug 21 so that he can check my kidneys. I just want to make sure my IC is the reason for the protein in my urine and not a kidney disease. Please let me know if anyone here also has protein in the urine and…is it bad??

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    Yes I have significant amounts of protein in my urine and still don't know why. I wrote you a private message about this. I have IC and a neurogenic bladder. I am in a bad flare right now. Urgency, incontinence, frequency (up to 50 times), and bad burning right now. I hope you found out the cause of your protein. I do not know what is causing mine. I do have 2 kidney stones that I have had for years and are lodged in the kidney. Maybe this is the problem.



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      What did you guys figure out about the mysterious protein?


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        Hey did you guys go for a check up? I think beside guessing you should be responsible to get a thorough check up


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          men with EC

          Thanks much for the apology to men with IC. I'm a man with EC and first posted here5-6 years ago. There wasn't much interest at the time and I only got about 3 responses. I watched over the years as my condition kept on, but stopped contributing, becuase like others, the only responses I got was encouraging messages. I'm grateful for them, but I hope we can get more folks, men and woman, to address this subject.

          For those that posted here last, I was diagnosed by 2 bladder biopsies. I wish the best to all and hope to hear from more on their stories.

          Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!