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you have to try this for EC! Its maybe possible.

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  • you have to try this for EC! Its maybe possible.

    Improvement of interstitial cystitis symptoms and problems that developed during treatment with oral IPD-1151T.


    We examined the efficacy of Suplatast Tosilatedouble dagger (IPD-1151T), a new immunoregulator that suppresses helper T cell mediated allergic responses, including IgE production and eosinophilic inflammation for treating patients with interstitial cystitis.

    A total of 14 women (average age 43.7 years) with interstitial cystitis, which was nonulcerative in 13 and ulcerative in 1, were treated with 300 mg. IPD-1151T orally daily for 12 months. All patients received laboratory assessments, including hematology (eosinophils and CD20 positive cells) and serum chemistry (IgE, and interleukin-4 (IL-4) and 5, and immunohistochemical analyses of urine leukocytes (CD45RO positive cells as a T cell marker) before treatment. These parameters were also measured 4 and 12 months after continuous treatment. The voiding chart, and interstitial cystitis symptom and problem indexes were evaluated before and after IPD-1151T treatment.

    IPD-1151T treatment for 1 year resulted in a significantly increased bladder capacity and decreased symptoms, such as urinary urgency, frequency and lower abdominal pain, in patients with nonulcerative interstitial cystitis. These effects also correlated with a reduction in blood eosinophils, CD20 positive cells and IgE, and urine CD45RO positive memory T cells. No major side effects were observed.

    Our study suggests that immunological responses are involved in the development of interstitial cystitis symptoms. IPD-1151T could be a new oral agent for treatment of voiding symptoms and bladder pain in patients with interstitial cystitis.


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