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  • PCR Tests&UREAPLASMA Tests

    I see all this controversary and posts on all this!! I see alot of articles mention how expensive these tests are. I went to the site where someone posted the lab in NJ and it had the fees.I was tested for Epstein Barr Virus 2 yrs ago and from what I could see they use the PCR protocol for that test..The ureaplasma test is it a swab or blood test? I would like to know this,because if I choose to mention this to my uro,I better know what I am talking about.Someone said they had it done thru blood and everyone else is saying swabs. And from this other site from the lab, the tests is only 169.00 I don't consider that VERY expensive. If it can be done thru blood I would ask my PCP, but if it is a swab which would make sense to me than the uro. I know MYcplasma can be done thru blood.There is a differnce. I just see that alot of info is being thown out here and including me we all get are hopes up and this Ureaplasma bacteria may not be everyones answer.Althougth I DO believe every avenue should be checked out. So any info that is shared I would appreciate it.-Thanks JOJO [img]smile.gif[/img]