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    Jenny I read all four pages and not one had price though the price was asked repeatedly but I think, there are two websites and maybe you can contact them and ask for the price, since they do provide the test. and


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      old post but any new information ?

      I don't remember ever reading a about a bacteria that seems to be in many (50%) of ICrs
      Is there any new research ?? And still no info on what the cost could be. I'm sure it is more than it was in 2002 . Sure sounds hopeful
      with love, Katherine

      IC onset 31 dx 37, dx with TMJ at 14, dx with IBS and PFD at 43
      current meds;

      0.05mg Levothroid
      ton of vitamins. (Glucosamine Condr. NO MSN, Niacin, Turmeric Force, 2000 IU Vitamin D3, Calcium Citrate, Anti-Oxident, Vit B complex)
      IC Diet ~ very limited
      Hot tub

      *** was on 500 mg Morphine a day for 9 years***
      ***May 14th 2009= 2 year OFF morphine !!! ***
      *****THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE*****


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        This post seems to have died out. I wonder why. Did anyone being treated find long term success? I would hate to take antibiotics unneccessarily. It is not good for the system, and leads to resistant strains of bacteria.


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          As long as you get repeatedly get infections, it's best to treat it. I take antibiotics and have been for a year, I'm in a better state than I was. I am also, planning on trying out other things to help kill the bacteria, stuff like Olive Leaf Extract etc

          I also take ALOTS of probiotics and am still increasing them, and finding better products to help with yeast (I don't get it all that much but I still do) and boosting the immune system.

          I also take Cod Liver Oil, to help with building resistance to infections.

          But, to test and know for sure if you have a bacteria, would be best. Long ago, like five years back, my E.Coli strain was resistant to penicillin family but two to three years later, the E.Coli strain was sensitive to it. My doctor gave me the explaination, that different batch have different resistance and bacteria can pass on their resistance to their offspring, or they not have been able to.

          My Klebisella strain was sensitive to Cefaclor a year ago, and now it's resistant and I took Cefaclor for several months, months mainly to deal with Group B Strep. I get Klebsiella again, this year and I took Bactrim for it, for three weeks. I have to check if it's still there. To me, what my doctor says, makes sense, that different batch of bacteria have different resistance, though they are the same species.