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    In USA Today there is a small piece about the suicide of Helmut Kohl's (former German Chancellor)wife. "An unusual reaction to a dose of penicillin in 1993 was blamed for triggering a rare allergy that left Hannelore Kohl painfully sensitive to light. It prevented her from going outside in daylight and required her to take strong pain medication."
    My daughter has IC so I am interested in everything about her disease. I know this has nothing to do with IC. But if one can get such a reaction from a mediciation, can't other meds, antibiotic, etc. also effect immune system or cause allergies in other areas? My daughter's IC started after an UTI ( the first in 10 years). She was in Vencie, Italy and the Dr. gave her an antibiotic power to mix in water and drink. She took two doses. It cleared up the symptoms right away but after she got home the frequency, pressure started again and has never let up.

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    I would consider this an extremely rare event. The vast majority of the population has no problem with penicillin. I am allergic to it --- which puts me into a minority --- my reaction is skin rash, not pleasant but not life threatening as long as I don't get more penicillin.

    Also I worked in Nursing Administration at a major hospital for 25 years and never once heard of such a reaction. Had there been one, I would have known because it would have required a written report as a unusual adverse reaction, and I received and processed all such reports.

    Usually when an allergy develops, it isn't serious unless it isn't recognized and more is given. It's common thought that if you've taken something before with no problem, you're okay taking it. Not so --- in order to develop an allergy, you must first be exposed to the product.

    I wouldn't worry about that one.

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    Stay safe

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      I read that article too. In order for a drug that common to trigger such a rare response, she would probably have to have a genetic mutation that would allow it to happen.