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Interesting family development - Lupus in nephew

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  • Interesting family development - Lupus in nephew

    My soon to be 15 year old nephew has just been diagnosed with Lupus!!! Okay, here's my family's legacy of autoimmune/mystery illnesses:

    Maternal Great Grandmother: a lot bladder problems with no formal diagnosis (IC?)
    Maternal Grandmother: Polymyalgia
    Mom: Fibromyalgia
    Oldest Sister: Autoimmune Progesterone Dermatitis (vulvar)
    Me: IC and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
    Oldest Sister's son, my nephew: Lupus
    (All the women in my family have had problems with bladder infections for years, including my mom's sister, who used to have urethral dilations - she doesn't have IC.)

    I find this all very interesting and wonder about the genetics running through my family. All these things, I believe, are in some way related. A genetic weakness that, given the right circumstance, can allow for the expression of a particular disease. I wait patiently for the IC genetics research to bring us answers. Perhaps if they find the source/cure for one of these illnesses, we'll all be helped.

    Anyone else have a chain of illnesses like this running in their families?

    Hope you're all feeling great today.
    Melanie J.
    "The sun shines not on us, but in us." John Muir

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    My family history is also one of autoimune
    diseases. I have had IC for 10 yrs. My
    oldest son has Rhematoid (sp) arthritis,
    my oldest daughter has Fibermyalgia(sp)
    and my youngest daughter has had Chrones
    since she was twenty. Makes you wonder
    if there is some connection.
    Hope you have a pain free weekend!!
    (((HUGS))) Rita


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      my dad has lupus, 21 years now
      autoimmune arthritis is also in the family
      mastocytosis--according to some is an autoimmune disease, also just diagnosed with an autoimmune platelet disease


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        I have a similar pattern in my family and extended family. I think that IC is definately an autoimmune disease. I think it is interesting that many of us with IC have at least one other disorder in the auto immune family.

        I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis just last March, just a year after being diagnosed with IC. I am now on an immunosuppressive drug (for RA) and I find that it is helping my IC.....

        I eagerly await the current research results too.

        "Faith precedes the Miracle"


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          I too believe the cause of IC is in our genes. I have crohn's disease which is believed to be autoimmune, and IC.


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            In my family it seems everyone has allergies. I have two asthmatic sons, one of whom has psoriasis and skin allergies to go with his, and my daughter has some contact allergies. As far as I know, there's nobody with bladder problems. Oh, yes --- I have some food and medication allergies.

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              Though no one else in my family (that I know of) has IC, Chron's or automimmue thyroiditis, there is a lot of asthma in my family, including my daughter.
              I do think that we will find that this is an auto-immune disease/syndrome, that maybe IC is not a seperate disease but part of an overall systemic autoimmune dysfunction. Now what causes that dysfunction is what I'd really like to know, because regardless of what IC is, I do know that I have autoimmune problems. But, I keep telling myself, it could be worse!