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  • Rough Sex

    I had a one night fling with a man that practically raped me in the way he had sex with me. He shoved his LONG fingers up into me several times thinking that I would like it..........then all of a sudden I was diagnosed with IC??????????????

    Trigger maybe, exasperation I think. I think I always had IC but this put me over the edge to get me diagnosed.


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    i can very much relate to your story. i was nineteen when i first started feeling ic and it was after a new boyfriend. our sex was very rough on me. he was a very big guy if you know what i mean. the biggest part in all of this, however, is that he gave me an std called trich. and that made it even more painful and caused real bladder infections. a dose of antibiotics cured it but then i had a bladder infection that seemed to never go away and i still have it 2 years later.