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Back Problems Should Be Considered

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  • Back Problems Should Be Considered

    Hi there:

    IMHO, to limit discussion to only favored theories of IC etiology in this forum would be counterproductive. After all, who's to decide what's in vogue or not? We all know that the jury is still out on the many possible factors that might contribute to the development of IC in any one individual, so to frown on any one theory makes absolutely no sense to me.

    Because back/spinal problems seem to be more commonly found in ICers, that alone suggests that there MIGHT be a connection in some cases. Moreover, let's not forget that very recent study involving those lovely rats whose lumbar nerves were overstimulated to produce an "IC like" state, as well as the APF studies that indicate that percutaneous nerve stimulation causes a drop in the amount of APF in the bladder.

    As someone who has been told that she has both IC and/or a neurogenic bladder, I can tell you that for me, the two are most definitely related. Finally, since my "IC" began at EXACTLY the same time I herniated my disc, I suspect a strong correlation between the two. Please know that I am speaking for myself here and no one else.

    Though my IC seems nerve-related, I do however, personally believe that IC is indeed a complex syndrome with many possible causes and/or precipitating factors. So, what's true for me, might not be true for you, and vice-versa.

    This forum has truly been a life-saver to me and many, many others. Since, knowledge is power, I hope that this forum continues to be a place where ideas can be expressed freely, without fear of unwarranted **********.


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    Oops, I meant to respond to Theresau's posting a little further down. By the way, the asterisks in my posting above stand for "**********."


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        Dear Sparky2
        When your body goes into trauma of some sort, your muscles rally around it to protect it and become tight. That is why you are, in MY opinion, 100%correct. When the back goes out, the pelvic muscles tighten, and normal functioning of the bladder becomes
        compromised. That is why i cannot understand why back problems would be a cause for any cencorship on the forum and why most of us are see a PT for pelvic floor therapy. Even if you don't think a bad back causes IC, it certainly doesn't help.


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          There is absolutely no reason why you should not post on this board about your back problems.

          Stay safe

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            For over 12 years now I have had back problems and also IC.MY IC started shortly after my hysterectomy but then 6 months later I injured my back badly. It has never healed and still gives me much pain. Well to get to the heart of the matter, after much research, the same nerves that the lower back L 4/5serves, also effect the bladder!! Now tell me that they don't work together. My chirpractor showed me the nerves, and also my urologist said the same thing. He even has the same problem as we do with his IC and back. Just thought some might want to know about this.


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              Sparky... I fully support your discussion. No reason to worry here.

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                There is alot to be said about the Spine and how it affects your health.
                I had a lower back adjustment that helped me tremendously... I was symptom free for several months
                My symptoms are back again lately though and a recent adjustment hasn't worked yet. I'm hoping I need to give it a few more tries.
                Please, anyone else who has tried chiropractic and had sucess, let me know!!


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                  I have been getting chiro. adjustments, minimum of once every two weeks for two years with no IC improvement.


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                    well, I am certainly not disputing that IC could be connected to back problems, but I have had IC for 15 years and no back problems. I believe it is autoimmune or hormonal. My symptoms started when I was placed on provera to regulate my menstrual cycles. this did not work for that condition and resulted in me having a large fluid filled ovarian cyst. My IC began as the cyst, which was the size of a grapefruit, pressed on my bladder. Unfortunately, I had the cyst surgically removed but the sypmtoms of the IC remained. So, I guess, we are all different in suspecting what triggers this IC condition.


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                      I definately agree!!

                      Should be FIRST thing checked!!
                      Could you imagine suffering with
                      all the IC treatments and meds
                      when all it was steming from
                      was low-back problems.
                      Even chiroprators will tell you
                      a bad back or a out of line spinal
                      area can cut off nerve supply
                      to an area or organ and create major
                      The spine is in tune with more than
                      people realize!!
                      You got my vote on this one!!


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                        I have to kind of agree here because the first time I flared up was when I was doing tae kwon do four times a week. It tooks its tole on my back. I flared up one other time after quitting tae kwon do and that was when I had joined a health club and was working out again. Now I have a new baby, and bend over constantly to pick her up. I have to admit I never really thought about this before, but you have a point. My lower back hurts this time and my bladder area was inflammed. Eventually my IC goes away, so I don't worry about it too much. It is just a pain waiting for it to go away. I use diet and sometimes medications to help relieve pain and get back to normal.


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                          Well, I've always pondered that idea. Mainly because ALL my symptoms started at exactly the same time. The IC symptoms and my horrendous lower back pain all began within a couple weeks of each other. Luckily, my IC problems haven't gotten much worse over the past couple years, but my back pain really sucks. I have sciatica down my right leg a lot of the time too, and it's a pretty rare day I don't have some sort of back pain. Heavy sigh...




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                            It sure is good to hear someone else voice my suspicions...about a herniated lumbar disc contributing to ic! The only "professional" I can get to consider this possiblility has been my pt for my back.
                            I've never had a uti. Nor a back/bladder prob. until after the birth of my 3rd and final child 7mos. ago. 4 weeks after his birth I started complaining about leg pain and urethal/bladder "itchiness/achiness burning. Was told I was just healing not to worry about it...yea right, now almost 8mo. later I am scrambling for some relief and answers. Would love to hear from any one else! [email protected]