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  • Back Problems

    I have been reading up on back problems & I think IC has alot to do with some kind of nerve damage in the back area. Nerves play a part in bladders(ic) bowels (ibs) nerves seem to be related to fibro & all our other "side" problems. I wonder how many of us have some kind of back problems. I have spinal stenosis, herniated disc & just before IC dx I had Peroneal palsy. Hmmmmm, anyone else with back or spine problems or ic after a spinal, say for delivery of a baby?
    Just curious, Kathi
    One Day At A Time

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    Hi Kathi, I never had ababy. But I have hurt back years ago. Now I have a degernating disc. a couple of years ago, I ruptured my disc but healed on its own with severe physical therapy. but i sitll have back pain with scatia. When I get a uti, my back hurts. Today it is hurting and its cold too. The cold and heat make my back act up. Maybe its the ic too. Hope you feel better soon. kissing
    Hang in there , There is hope.
    There is hope. Prayer works.

    Love, Debbie