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    I had been thinking that when I 1st had my symptoms that I had a virus that I couldn't get over. I was in the bathroom constantly over the course of 10 - 15 days with... the dreaded bm's. It seems that soon after that I started getting bladder problems and they kept testing me for UTI. Sometimes they would find one, sometimes not. That went on for about 2 months. I kept my old medical bills - I'm going to find the time to try and trace the dates of my different problems.

    Another thought was that I was in a new relationship and maybe had contracted a case of chlamydia that was never found.

    But recently I remembered that when I was in high school and through my 20's, if I ever felt a cold coming-on, I would drink tons of orange juice to try and beat the cold before it started. I used to get a pain in my side and urinate a lot but (stupid me) I thought it was better than putting up with the runny nose, etc. I remember saying back then that my bladder had become my "weak spot". Wonder if that led to these constant problems I am dealing with now. I am 38 and have been putting up with bladder problems for at least 6 years maybe 8 years. (I need to look through my records to be sure... Can't remember much anymore.)