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  • auto-immune theory

    Would the symptoms of an auto-immune disorder lessen during times of infection because the immune system is busy focusing its attack elsewhere?


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    Good question... I don't know... but it's worth investigating.
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      Good question indeed-

      I dont think so. People who are diabetic are often sick and at higher risk when they are sick. Immune cells are all over the body- I believe that the cells in your bladder are the irratant and the immune mediated response is localized. I do know that the responses that are innflammatory (immediate response, the first level of humoral immunity) can be created by your body-example the levels of IgE increase in your system when you have allergies and you are exposed to the allergen. I also know that there has been many studies done that show that auto-immune diseases improve with pregnancy. I could not metabolically explain that to you, but I myself relate it to the "pregnancy glow" that people speak of. The human body can preform amazing feats when it comes to childbirth. Just my thoughts on your question.
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        I have had my IC symptoms go away temporarly when I had a cold. I think thats a supporting link to being an auto-immune disease.
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          After all of the research that I've done, I am convinced that IC is auto-immune related. I think there are different causes of IC in different people, but I think they are all immune related. I think mine may have stemmed from an overgrowth of yeast in my body (from long-term use of antibiotics, long-term use of birth control pills, and a high sugar diet) which is known to weaken the immune system, thus making a person more suseptible to all kinds of illnesses and conditions.


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            These are very interesting views on this subject. I too believe that there is a link between our autoimmune system and this condition. I have read many theories on this and I believe that the major factor is that people with this condition have an autoimmune deficiency of some sort in there body that causes many different symptoms. Some of us may have many symptoms and, some of us may exhibit only one. That's what makes this sooo hard to figure out. I have very sensitive skin as a matter of fact I am allergic to cold weather. When I go outside and it's very cold outside my face, hands ect. break out in hives. So I have to bundle up real good. Anyway, I think this is a subject worth looking into.
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