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    For me, I feel that it is autoimmune because that is really the only conclusion I can come to with the medical history I have. As to what caused IC in me, I can't really pinpoint any particular onset. It's the only way I've ever known life to be. I was born with kidney reflux and had bladder infections as a child but was never taken to the doctor for it. These repeated, untreated infections caused permanent scarring and pain in the kidney. (This was diagnosed when, as an adult, I took myself to the doctor.) Also growing up, I had repeated strep throat infections, also untreated. As far as caffine or carbonated drinks, we did drink brewed tea sometimes with our meals but soft drinks were a very rare treat. (Decaf was unheard at that time.) We drank mostly fresh goat or cow milk or just plain water. Our food (vegetables, meats, breads) was mostly home grown, hunted, or made so we certainly didn't have todays chemical additives. Think I've also always had IBS, just didn't know that the pain meant IBS until my teenage daughter was diagnosed with it and I finally went to a gastroenterologist myself. Had extensive endometriosis and was in really bad shape by the time I had a complete hysterectomy. Had a partial thyroidectomy in 1975 due to having a cyst in a goiterous, underactive thyroid. Had a real rough time having my first child also due to having had a broken tailbone when I was about 4 weeks pregnant with her. Wish there was just one thing that happened in our lives so we could all say "Ah ha! There it is". But like our lives and histories, not all have been the same. So I guess, what really matters now, is controlling the IC and praying that someday there will truly be a cure that will help us all. Jo