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  • So what do you think about this...?

    I breifly interviewed my mother yesterday - again - about my urinary problems as a child. I know she told me couple of years ago but I'm just now "getting it".

    Apparently - while still in my baby-hood, my pediatrician would have to "tear" my labia apart - calling them "labial adhesions". I was really impressed that my Mom remembered that term since I'm now in my 30's! Anyway, my pediatrician had to do this several times according to Mom. I'm wondering what it was with my labia that caused it to do this & am now thinking if that could have caused me some PTSD kind of symptoms. I mean, I was a baby for crying out loud - I didn't know why this man was hurting me down there!

    Also - before the age of 5 I had a surgery to enlarge my urethra! My mom isn't exactly clear why the surgery was absolutely necessary at the time. Apparently I had been wetting the bed a lot at that time and the pediatrician thought that part of the problem was that my urethra wasn't large enough to allow me to void completely before bed. Sounds a lot like urinary retention to me -- how bout you?

    Just found it interesting. Will report this to my new uro=gyno today. Maybe he'll find it interesting.

    Also - wondering -- how many of us ICers might have had an experience as a young child that caused us PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder - for those of you that aren't familiar with psycho-bable acroynms)...either by actual sexual abuse or by medical procedures that FELT like sexual abuse. It think it would be an interesting study.

    Thanks for any replies. Just wondering....

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    I am going to speak to my mother as well. I know I had frequent bladder infections from infancy through high school. My father told me a few weeks ago that he thought all little girls had bladder infections. I told him absolutely not! My daughter is 16 years old and has never had one. I remember being 8 or 9 years old and after urinating that I would feel so much burning that I would get in a cool bath to try to make it feel better. I was always afraid to tell my mom. I came from a very proper family and we didn't speak of body parts unless it was absolutely necessary. I didn't want to tell her my crotch was on fire. I wish I would have.

    You are right Donna...interesting thought!

    Wishing you good days,

    "The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved." Victor Hugo


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      Thanks for the reply, Lisa.

      I think we should all be investigating our medical histories, particularly if it had anything to do with our urinary tracts.

      I'm sorry your family was so proper -- had they not been -- perhaps your problems could have been addressed much sooner. I'm not a therapist so I'm not entitled to blame your problems on your parenting....but you could go to a therapist and tell her (female therapists, I think are more understanding..just my opinion) about how ****** that makes you feel!

      You're a mom -- and I can tell you would ABSOLUTELY want to know if your daughter was experiencing any health problems -- even if it was "down there".

      I know it wasn't all your parents fault that you didn't talk about it -- chalk it up to our backwards culture -- but don't get me started on that.

      If you find out anything interesting, please post. I think it would be intresting to compile reports from various ICers -- just to see if there are many similarities. Besides - it doesn't seem like the docs are doing it -- all they know how to do is write scripts & perform surgeries that tend to make things worse.

      I've had IC long enough to be cynical -- and I make no apology for it, either!

      Happy investigations.

      Hugs & prayers,


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        I was just diagnosed with urethral stenosis which is a narrow urethra. My urologist said that it's most likely been like that my whole life. Also, I've had long standing inflamation in my bladder due to urinary retention. I was not able to void all the urine and it was sitting in there and then backing up. He told me that I don't have IC as of yet, but I'm heading in that direction.

        I've heard that urethral stenosis is very difficult to diagnose. And the treatment is to have the urethral stretched. Sometimes it only has to be done once and sometimes people have to go in periodically throughout their lives to have it done.

        My urologist said that he thinks I may have to have mine stretched again in about 6 months.
        Yesterday I posted on the newly diagnosed board and asked if anyone knew of a relationship between urethral stenosis and IC.

        Take care!


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          Growing up if you asked me what was one of the most annoying things about my mother, I would have told you it was the frequent trips to the bathroom that often kept us from getting across town and kept her in a state of panic. Now I am living it.
          Ain't life funny.


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            I had my urethra stretched last year and it helped a great deal. However, I won't be surprised if I have to have it done again. Next time I may get it cut open so it will stay.


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              I believe there is a direct relationship between my urethral stenosis and IC. So much of my urine stayed trapped in the bladder. That along with the wrong foods and stress, I believe, helped to cause my IC.

              Yes, I have to get my urethra stretched every 6 to 8 months when I have a hydro.