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  • Catherization Cause?

    Does anyone think that improper sterilization of the plastic tubes used in cystoscopy can cause I.C.? In "To Wake In Tears", ********* ****** 's I.C. seemed to happen after a surgery where cystoscopy was used.

    If equipment used in cystoscopies is improperly sterilized AND if I.C. has a bacterial origin, then there will be many more cases of I.C. in the future. If the bacteria is so small that it only appears in broth cultures, then couldn't it be missed by normal sterilization procedures?

    Does anyone feel that their onset of symptoms started after undergoing a cystoscopy or catherization for some other problem?

    (A note from ICNDonna - Neither the ICN, nor any other IC organization in the world, has recommended this book. It is one patient's opinion.. not backed by research. We recommend "The Interstitial Cystitis Survival guide" by Dr. Robert Moldwin as a more reliable option. My apologies, but, for legal reasons, we must add this to any message posted on our boards which recommends this book.)

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    For me personally I KNOW that I have had IC since I was a small child. I just didn't know that I wasn't 'normal'.

    It wasn't untill after 3 major surgeries in 9 months that the pain of the disease turned into a never ending problem.

    So, in my opinion, I think that we have always had it, it just took something to activate it. Just like with Fibro. It ususally takes something traumatic to trigger it..........remember, it's just my opinion <img src="graemlins/bunny.gif" border="0" alt="[bunny]" />
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      Read my June 12th post started by Shepurzz. Even small bacteria can be seen by powerful microscopes. We can see viruses, and they are so much smaller than any bacteria. One of our board members had a PCR test to look for bacterial DNA. His results were negative. If that didn't show the presence of bacteria, he can be fairly certain he doesn't have any. This is just my opinion,because nobody knows the cause of IC.


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        Despite the fact that she disclosed her latex allergy prior to hospital admission and the fact that numerous documents in her chart disclosed her latex allergy, a latex catheter was inserted and left in for several hours, possibly overnight. As a result, she developed Interstitial Cystitis almost immediately thereafter.

        Does anyone know of a MD who can help us establish the cause or "trigger"??????


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          I had recurrent actual infections, i was cathaterized during a voiding test to see if my bladder was emptying properly. That day i remember i took my last antibiotic, and i haven't had a UTI since then, but i had all the symptoms of cystitis.
          BUT, i'm now after a year thinking it's the massengill soap i use in that area. It's non scented and soap free so i thought it would be safe, but i realize that around the procedure day, is when i started using the soap i'm almost certain.
          Maybe the soap has been giving me IC symptoms. I've only been using new soap for two days and i feel fine, but i had been feeling bad for about 4 days before that. So maybe my flare just finally went down and the whole switching soaps result is just coincidence. I think it's too early to tell. I have a cysto, hydro, and biopsy on Aug. 8 and i don't know if i should go through with it or not.
          Any suggestions?


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            Interesting about the catheter theory. But first, a bit of my bladder history (yippee!). My mother told me I had my first bladder infection at age two. I wasn't voiding at all, and her doc wouldn't even believe her until she finally took me in and that's what I had. I've always had frequency, never felt I could go camping or kayaking. My mother, her mother and father, and my sister all had/have bladder problems, but haven't been clinically diagnosed. My mother at one point had her urethra stretched ( a real party!). My first bad infection came in my arly teens, visable blood and lots of pain. And then just many infections ect.
            About four years ago I had surgery (unrelated to my bladder), but I did have a catheter. When they took it out, YOW! I was certain I had an infection, the pain was intense. They said this was common with a catheter and that it would go away. It was after that I started having "infections" without bacteria, and after doing internet research, decided it must be IC. Then about three years ago I was diagnosed. I think maybe the catheter really triggered an already weak bladder - the last straw so to speak.

            Also, I was wondering if sexual abuse might have added another element. This happened when I was six or so.

            Boy, it sure seems like the cards were stacked against the poor little thing!
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              I know that none of us can say what actually started our IC, but your post really hit a nerve.

              I have always suspected that a catheder inserted after a miscarriage last Dec. started this whole mess. I have had so many problems with the symptoms that I haven't wanted to expend any energy on pondering the cause of IC, but that incident remains always in my mind.

              I was in the ER and they wanted a urine sample Because I was hemmoraging, they of course had to use a catheder to get "a clean catch".

              The nurse came in announcing her intentions and before I could finish saying."ok, I've never had this done before, what do I need to do?" She had jerked back the covers and shoved that puppy in. Almost as if she expected me to protest or something. She did not wipe the area clean before inserting it and it felt like she was shoving a razor blade up me. The next week I was back in the ER with a "really nasty" bladder infection. The first I've ever had. Treated it with cipro...the bacteria went away, but the pain and the other symptoms never did.


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                I am not diagnosed yet, but...

                I have had both UTIs and vaginal infections for the past 2 years, always managable with antibiotics (cultures done to prove it). A doctor stuck a catheter in me on June 12. He didn't tell me he was going to, I thought he was going to do a vaginal exam. He didn't even clean me off with anything, just stuck it in. Within one week I was back at my fam DR. with a vaginal infection. I haven't felt the same since.

                From May 31 - June 9 I was on a vacation to CO. I was on bactrim most of the time and I felt fine. 18 hours in a car there and back.

                My new dr. won't say if the catheter could have caused any problems. (They have to stick together you know, even if they don't know each other.) But until its proven otherwise, I am going to always have my doubts about why I all of a sudden took a turn for the worse.


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                  I've had IC since I was born. But it peaked after I was given a certain antibiotic, not sure the name of it though. But you have a great point and it should be further researched!

                  Best Wishes,

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                    I am not quite sure what brought mine on but I do know that catheters are NOT fun and it also depends on WHO is giving them to you! I was getting some instillations done at the hospital and I usually get this one nurse who is so nice and then with my luck, I got the "nasty" one.. well, she proceeded to stab me with it and then with her lovely bedside manner, wrenched it out and I had urine/uracsyt all over my leg!! [img]mad.gif[/img] [img]mad.gif[/img] She said sorry but my urethra was burning for days after! You'd think a woman would be more sympathetic!!!! Lainie