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Cure for IC??

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  • Cure for IC??

    I've noticed that several people say when they were pregnant, and soon after they had no IC symptoms, but then they re-appear. Has anyone thought to look into the hormonal issues that would cause a pregnant woman to be symptom free???

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    The immune system changes during pregnancy too. It does so, so it won't attack the embryo/fetus as a foreign object. When the pregnancy is over, the immune system returns to normal. It is quite common ,for people with autoimmune diseases, to have a remission during pregnancy, only to have the disease return ,after the baby is born.


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      so why cant they tap into that "immune system" bonus for us?


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        I say, just get pregnant! [img]biggrin.gif[/img]
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          That is way beyond what medical science is capable of doing today. Maybe in the future, it will be possible.


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            My OB also has a theory that while pregnant, a woman's body releases added hormones that are natural smooth muscle relaxers....which, sometimes, help ease the symptoms of IC.

            I believe that although hormones may not be the CAUSE, they can certainly affect our IC symptoms. I am one that suffers terrible flares during menstruation.

            Of course, this doesn't speak for our male IC sufferers.

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