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  • To Sparky2 AKA Lynne

    Yes Lynne the study you mentioned in your
    response is the in question by Gillespie, Bray, Levin and Delamarter Lumbar Nerve Root
    Compression and Interstitial Cystitis- Response to Decompressive Surgery from the British Journal of Urology. My IC symptoms
    mirror those of the ten in the study. My
    Urodynamic test show Detrusor Muscle Instabilty ie nerve problems. I go about
    40+ times a day, lots of pain and I am unable
    to empty properly. I sometimes have a residual of 180cc, I sometimes now go into
    retention. I have Fibro,TMJ and IBS all of
    which some feel are attributed to spinal cord injury. I am not putting too much hope in this but the MRI is well worth it. Here in
    Canada you can wait up to a year to get a MRI. I only have to wait 2 months, I have nothing to lose. I am sorry to hear that the surgeries that you had did not help your IC.
    This is such an incidious disease but I will
    with God's help continue to try and defeat it. If this root is not the answer, I will try another approach, although I am running
    out of choices as I have tried all the conventional treatments except Interstim, which I am not convinced is the answer for me. Once again thanks for you imput. God Bless

    Your Brother in Christ and IC

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    Hi James:

    I say go for it; you have nothing to lose by having the MRI done and everything to gain. Your symptoms do seem to exactly match those of the study participants, so it makes sense to follow up. Wishing you the best and praying for you to get the relief you're looking for.