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IC Appeared After Any Sort of Accident?

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  • IC Appeared After Any Sort of Accident?

    Angel and the rest of you fellow ICers that have and still are suffering from sexual abuse,please accept my prayers for the healing to start now. I have heard from several ICers over the years that their IC appeared after an accident of any kind. It's the trauma that affects the body that some specialists believes that causes IC and sexual abuse is a trauma, like an accident, right? Just a thought. Sending God's Blessings to all of you, Tx-Brenda

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    my ic came on very strong after i had a bad fall on a skim board on the beach. i landed flat on my back on the hard packed down sand. i just happened to break my fall landing on my left elbow. this caused me terriable pain in the rotary cuff joint that lasted about a year. i took high doses of msm and glucosimine i think this caused the ic to surface. it just seem that after that i had what i thought uti which i think all along it was the beginning stages of ic.


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      Okay, I don't want to get too wierded out about this. :-) I have IC and I need to deal with it.

      But when I was in 5th grade, I fell on a monkey bars landing squarely between the legs bashing and bruising the labia....I was mortified and I never told anyone... (remember I was 10)

      I also firmly believe that the "dilations" the first uro did on me (horrendously painful-felt like rape) damaged my urethra that now that is where most of my pain is located. Subsequently I found my current uro and he does not believe in dilations help women in most cases.

      Just thought I would share. Hugs and healing for all of you. Julie B

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        To Julie B.- My pain is mostly urethral, too.
        A new doc said when my other uro didn't do a hydro during cystoscopy, he missed the diagnosis. I'm on Elmiron and Atarax anyway,
        and have seen a difference with that and the
        diet. What are you taking? Have you found
        anything for those flares that burn so bad?
        The new uro said those flares are unpredictable (yes, for sure!) and to stick with the Elmiron.
        We can help one another here. Sue


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          Hi, Similar to Julie B, I had an "epidose" where I lost my balance on a horse, geared with a Western saddle. My crotch got thrown forward into that 'handle' and bruised my pubic region (I never told anyone either). I was only 7.

          Later in my senior year in High School I fell down a flight of marble stairs. My tailbone hit ALL those steps all the way down---it was BLACK (not black and blue--but BLACK!!!) for weeks.

          And even in later years I was in 4 car accidents--I was driving in all, and all got TOTALED. THe last accident I got hit by someone who blew a red light at 80 MPH. My car flipped over and crumpled.

          My conclusion, I think I've had trauma and damage done to the nerves in my tailbone that control my bladder and bowel function. It finally took its toll and my bladder must have been "hanging by a thread" for finally snapped and provided the perfect environment/setting for IC to move in.

          Just thought I's share......
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