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what about genetics?

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  • what about genetics?

    i have had IC all my life but only recently dxed- I have a paternal aunt who can tell the same stories as me about bladder control and she is looking into IC testing now. I also think my 5 year old might have it - her symtoms are the same as well.
    Interstingly enough, the men on that side of the family have a different bladder control problem - narrowed uteruers. Not IC that I know of (they dont like to talk about it)
    any thoughts?

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    HI,I really don't know because I am adopted,but my daughter has been having problems for 2 years now[she is 6]I just pray for your and my daughter that it isn't.
    That is very strange though that so many people in your family has so many problems like that,I know what its like about the men not wanting to talk about it[women too].
    I wish I could tell you more!If you hear anything else on this subject please post it here I would really like to know.
    Lots of hugs,