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  • Research - What is happening?

    I hope I'm wrong, but have an awful feeling that IC research has plateaued this past year, or am I just being an impatient IC patient in thinking this? Previously there've been new ideas mentioned at the AUA Conference but not so this year as far as I know, and there seems to be more alternative (herbal) treatments like Cysta-q available instead.
    If I'm right about this, why is it happening - lack of progress or funding, or both?? I really hope everything's ok, but just had to post about this nagging concern. I'd like to think there'd be a cure or at least better treatment in my life time. [img]confused.gif[/img]

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    There are still many research projects in process. It can take several years to do a valid study --- so the projects you've read about in the past are still going on. I'm sure that as the results of the current ones are known, more new ones will begin.

    Don't lose hope.

    Stay safe

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      Research on IC is continueing at a steady pace. There have been a lot of reseach published this year. In my hands right now, I have some of the most current reseach projects that have been published. The Research Library also has a list of all the studies that have been published this year. ICN Library

      I am now in the process of making a section in the ICN on The Theories & Etiology of Interstitial Cystitis Today. Once I have that done and posted, I will be doing a review on the current research papers that I have.

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        Thanks for your encouraging and positive replies. APF is the line of research I'm most interested in. Do you know if there's been any progress on that one? It's been over 2 yrs. now and that test still isn't out of the lab.