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  • The Food We Eat...

    ...and the air we breathe, the water we drink, the beauty products we use all over our bodies, the cleaning products we use to clean our house, wash our clothes.
    In everything we do, touch, eat or breathe, we are consuming toxic chemicals that our government has mandated in our country. In fact, these days we consume almost a teaspoon of chemicals per day...chemicals that are eating away at our insides, our stomachs, intestines, and yes, even our bladders.
    Whats really sad, is that there is no way to escape it now. Even if we were to find an unihabited island to live on, theres acid rain and toxic clouds. Our babies are born with these chemicals already present in their system.
    I think that explains where we get all these terrible conditions. It's really not a shock that many people here have overlapping illnesses.
    The same thing we've done to our planet, we've done to our bodies.

    Of course, this is just MY opinion,
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    I don't know whether or not that explains all of these conditions but I think it sure doesn't help matters.

    Like you say, it's impossible to get away from, yet I do what I can -where I can.
    "The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have."


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      The thing it doesn't explain is why so many people are totally healthy and living active lives. I have no doubt there are unfortunate things we are exposed to on a daily basis, but honestly think there's something else involved in why we get IC.

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        Your reply made me think...and sadly what I've come up with is that I don't really know anyone who doesn't have one thing or another. I honestly do not know of one person, including my own kids (yikes!), who does not have some type of medical condition.
        On the contrary, the healthiest person I know would be my 68 yr old mother, who is a vegan macrobitic, and avoids chemicals as extremely as she can. But she only started this after she nearly died of colon cancer at 47.



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          I totally agree with Donna.


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            We (my family) have had this discussion often. It does seem that so many people have "something" these days, but we also have much better health care and better access to health care than past generations had. So, more diagnosis. On the other hand look at all the children with extreme food allergies. They are talking about the fact that we have to much fluoride now and want to take it out of our water. We no longer need it because of better products and such.

            For myself, I believe that there is something that causes me to develop these different problems I have. I also believe that because something is different in me, chemicals and other factors have more effect on me. I have several problems that are thought to be hereditary but we can't find anyone else in the family with the conditions. I say "me" because I really only know my experiences.

            Whatever the cause, I just pray they can find a cure for all of us.....soon.

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              The factors that result in good health are far too numerous to pinpoint. My mother has been eating high cholesterol foods and not many vegetable all her life. She lives alone in NYC, breathes in bus exhaust every day and is going strong at 93!

              Environment, luck, genetics, you name it, it all has an impact. Yes it is wise not to smoke and to drink in moderation and to eat lots of veggies and healthy foods, but that is no guarantee against cancer or interstitial cystitis or many other diseases. I agree that just about everyone has something, but I no longer look at that as being by definition unhealthy. When you think about all the things that can go wrong in a human organism, it's a miracle any of us live to be old. I have IC and a lung condition and high blood pressure, but I'm muddling along and feeling fine most of the time. My husband has had 18 inches of his colon removed, and prostate surgery as well. He's doing okay too.

              Yes we are poisoning our planet, one tree, one river at a time. And most of us take less than stellar care of ourselves. And I understand how gloomy that can look at times. But things can get better; small things and big things.


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                You are all going to think

                I am crazy. I think for me, it was all the diet drinks i drank. I was a diet cola junkie for over 20 years!!!! I think it was so caustic it just ate at my bladder.

                Thats just my crazy thought...

                Jean Ann