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    I just wanted to say I know there are many causes of IC. I have read everything possible talked to Nurse Practioners and Natural Drs.
    This is what I found some people have an occult infection you can get a broth culture to find out if you have any occult bacteria that does not register on a agar plate culture. I had two broth cultures and there were no occult infections. Next I was tested for Lyme Disease which also can cause bladder problems. I tested negative for Lyme. Next I found a urlogist who told me I had very acid urine and we needed to do something about it. He only wanted to make my urine ph go up with baking soda. I then found a Dr. William Dean a real Dr. who has me on his IC diet based on the India old time medicine. You can find his diet on Dr. Deans IC diet by eliminating things like coffee, chocolate and many other items. Ladies and Gentlemen it is only a diet worth a try it will not hurt you he also recommends food combinations to avoid, also he also recommends aloe vera, but it you only want to try the diet it does help some he says he has had a 90 percent improvement in the people that try his diet. I was at my end I did not know where to turn and this has helped me. Look on IC solutions Dr. william Dean. I know how everyone feels. I ask him why I am like this and he told me years of the western diet. Junk food the whole thing. This diet has helped me so many of you may have the same thing also if you have gerd it goes along with IC of this type. We all need to search for what helps us because I truly think this is my cause. Good luck finding your cause but give this a try.


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      I think personally I was born with IC, I have had some sort of bladder problems all my life to some degree.

      They have changed over my life and gotten much much worse over time, which I think was due to lifestyle, chemical exposure and specifically too much diet coke.

      The last few years with diagnoses, treatment, by trial and error of medications and of course close adherence to the IC diet from this site, plus some additional things I found I don't do well with, such as no gluten, very few carbs except for those found in veggies, very little fruit, mostly berries, sugar, no spices or herb.

      I should explain a little the no gluten and few carbs just because i found my bladder just simple felt better not eating them, I find I retain fluid when I eat them.

      Fruit mostly because i have not found many my bladder can tolerate, and once I start eating it I love it so much I find it hard to stop so it is easier for me just not to eat it and then i don't miss it.

      No sugar because I am Hypoglycemic it is quite a big problem for me, so my Dr. has me on a diet of high fat, mod protien, low complex carbs, idea being if you don't eat anything that will quickly raise your blood sugar then your insulin level doesn't raise quickly, and then drop your blood sugar down quickly too low. If you eat this way it keep your blood level on an even level, no swings up or down and I feel a lot better.

      The no spices and herbs although a lot of people with IC find that some of these bother them, I don't eat them because I am allergic to them.

      The other thing is 98% of what I eat is made from scratch at home. I rarely buy anything ready made, this way I know everything I am putting into my body.

      I know my diet sounds very boring but I feel better enough that it is worth it to me, and a lot of it is not that much of a change for me.

      I have always cooked from scratch, I have never eaten spices or herbs, I always had a very limited diet because I was/am picky anyways.

      But I sure do miss my fruit which I lived on, chocolate, sugar, well anything sweet for that matter, I don't miss the carbs per say, or the gluten.

      It is just once you realize how much better you can feel it is so worth it that I rarely cheat. A cheat for me is having a steamed milk from Starbucks, milk has too much sugar in it for me. Living on the wild side, you know, but it makes the rest of life so much more worth living.

      I now would not let a diet coke cross my lips if it was the last drink on earth, I drink bottles and bottles of water and love it.

      Good luck to all, everyone has to find the right combo of Dr's which I thank god everyday to have found a great Dr. right where I live, who bends over backwards to help me, and when he is away he has a partner who keeps up with my case and will try to help me just as much I feel very blessed, meds, diet, and lifestyle to live with IC, and whatever other conditions your body decides to throw at you with it.

      Best Wishes to all MG
      My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.