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Could spinal problems cause IC?

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  • Could spinal problems cause IC?

    I just found this interesting article. It is quite old though...

    Is it possible that a problem in our spine could be causing our IC symptoms?

    Any thoughts anyone?

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    Holy cow batman!
    YES! YES! YES! That is me!I have major disc issues....I am going to print that offand bring it to my next appt. Thanks
    Canadian daisy

    Current Medications: doses go up and down..
    Dilaudid, Elmiron, Neurontin ,Flexeril ,Pariet, Ibuprofen, Ativan, Valtrex, Vitamin D, Caltrate, Premarin Vag Cream, Triamcinolone Injections in Perineum, Depo-Medrol for Trigger Point Injections, Biscodyl, Citromag, Milk of Magnesia, Xylocaine Jelly


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      You are welcome

      The article is pretty old (from 1997), so I am wondering why more research hasn't been done on this

      Let me know what your doctor says!!


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        Hey, The doctor I went to in Bloomington Minneapolis Minnesota said I have PFD, a-long with all of my other the list goes on he wants me to do PFT with a PT . He had no problem giving me pain meds of Tramadahl s.p. 50mgs for 60 days. and then he tells me to have a trial interstim put in for IC, IBS, CPP, PFD, and CBackPain curv in spine. He tells me they are all linked through the spine and this Interstim will help, I have 3 months to decide. I have an appointment with the pain center here on the 8th and my first PT for PFD on the 11th. I also have bursitis in R-hip and knee, FMS, endometrosis, have had 2 posterier repairs, a burch, sling, and bladder tack, CFS and depression, TAH ...etc...
        I hope I have some good news when I am finished with the pain cl...I have not heard any good things about this pain clinic in ND


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          Thank you for the info. I was diagnosed last week with spinal problems and was wondering the same thing.
          symptoms: Pain, frequency, pressure
          triggers: stress, intercourse, soda, coffee, tomato sauces, artificial sweetners, msg , soy & scar tissue
          treatments: D-Mannoose supplement
          Diet free of wheat, soy, and dairy.
          4 laproscopies: 3 cystscopies, 2 w/ hydrodistention: breast reduction and revision:2 sinus surgeries
          Diagnosed with IC,IBS, PFD,TMJ (2012), endometriosis, dry eyes(2012), chronic sinus problems, allergies, multiple chemical sensitivity, adhesions, anxiety, depression,
          spinal problems(2012) Fibromyalgia (2012) adrenal fatigue (2012)


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            I have disc problems too

            I was in an auto accident last year almost to the day. I did chiropractic, acupuncture, massage and exercise. There was healing but some left over problems and so I had an MRI that showed bulging discs all along my spine. I just started having IC problems about 2 months ago. Maybe there is a connection...
            Also have long standing digestive problems of reflux and gastroparesis, since before the accident. So hard to know for sure where this all comes from.

            Diagnosed: May 2012 with IC and PFD
            Symptoms: When bad - frequency, pressure, burning in pubic area, vulvodynia - a "headache" in pelvis; when mild - can "feel" my bladder but can hold urine w/o any strong urge to go
            Current treatments: Internal PT, 5mg vaginal Valium suppositories; am supposed to be using Uribel for bladder and Premerin estrogen cream for irritated tissues but have not added those yet.
            Am researching all treatments on the natural path before I commit to any of them; IC diet
            Other Conditions: GERD, Idiopathic Gastroparesis (motility disorder)

            I am grateful for the good days! Looking forward to healing and I strongly believe that our bodies and minds are indelibly linked. What we think, we feel and consequently, so do our bodies.


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              I believe the spine has a lot to do with it. or some type of injury to the bladder.

              Car accident in 1992 5 buldged disks in neck wip lash my FMS pain started that night. The doctors told me my pain was not real. When I would go in for my cortizone shots I asked the doctor why I am having these shots if my pain isnt real. He asked me who told me that. He said I can see all of your trigger points (thats what they called it back then trigger points) and he would touch each point of pain he saw and shoot cortizone into it. That is when all of my shrink BS started. Then about 6 or 7 years ago I went to a doctor who said it was FMS and it was do to a personality disorder. I was like W**. Then in 2010 I went to this pain cl. and they said FMS pain is real and the shrink I saw there said my car accident in 1992 probably caused it.

              Believe I have had IC for a long time...diagnosed in 2001/2002 with hydrodistention, I have hunners ulcers, pinpoint bleeding, shrinkage, no lining left to my bladder, and bladder scars.