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Started Disability, any advice welcome

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  • Started Disability, any advice welcome

    I have just started short-term disability, and with the support of my doctor am going to move from STD to LTD through my company insurance. I have retained some legal counsel, and am keeping meticulous records. I've read everything I can find online about this process and also SSA, but I am hoping that some of you who have gone through this could give me more inside info based upon your experiences. Are there some major issues that you have experienced personally that I could head off now with some preparation? Also, how did you handle such a major life change?


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    I am kind of surprised you have not recieved a response before now. I may not be the best one to try to give advice, but I am on retirement disability through the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia by now. I was finally told I could not come back until the neurosurgeon gave the "OK" for me to come back.(last November)(which never happened) Of course, the MRI done a few days before Christmas was showing my lower back is all messed up.(degenerative disc disease) I am trying to get on SSD as well. I have not gotten an approval or denial, but a disability lawyer has talked to me by now. He even sent forms for me to get different doctors to fill out. Of course, I actually got 3 doctors and the hospital to fill out forms for me to get on state disability. OK. I believe I had to fill out part of the forms as well. I have got records to show every time that I went to have an X-ray or an MRI. (in my room now)I have got copies of the forms, completed, that did help me to get on retirement disability. Also, I have got a copy of the functional capacity evaluation that I did not do all so good on.(and so forth) OK. My life has changed by now. (ever since IC back in 1997) Oh! I actually worked over 13 years with IC, but I was not a chronic pain person until I ended up with DDD. By the way, I did not go anywhere yesterday or today so far due to pain. What a bummer! What a life! Hey! I get one paycheck a month. OK. It is hardly worth smiling over. ($515.77 gross each month) Oh! I do want the other paycheck as well. I was thankful they actually covered 3 months on my first check. Yep! Some people just don't understand. My 2 brothers and sister-in-laws have asked more than once what I do to occupy all my free time. OK. What I want to say is that I just sit and think about how much I just dislike the question because it just make me realize how much you must not understand. I don't even have much energy on some days to have much of a life. Of course, I have been halfway around the world by now.(Navy for 4 years) Life goes on. Oh! I am not mad that I was told doctor had to give the "OK" for me to return and never did. Besides, I was crying from all the pain on some nights. (and even left early some)OK. I went to the local SSA back in February, but I am still waiting now. I don't know what all you were expecting as a reply, but I have been sitting here and typing on different groups until it has made me want to have a cow from pain now. That will be all now.


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      I filed for SSD and SSI I was denied and now its in the hands of my attorney.

      Almost, everyone gets turned down when they first apply don't give up.

      If anything benefits were meant for people like us.

      I just wish the public was more aware of this depilitating desease.

      I wish some big T.V host would do a segment on there show about IC.
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