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  • ICNDonna
    Re: divorce/healthcare

    I think it would be a very good idea to talk with an attorney. I know the laws differ from state to state, but there may be a way you can continue your present insurance if you pay for it --- you may also be able to have him cover you as a part of any agreements.


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  • lmccusker
    started a topic divorce/healthcare


    My current husband works out of town and has a really good job with good healthcare benefits. Problem is he is abusive, has cheated on me and I want out of the marriage asap. I live with my parents and have 3 kids. The one thing holding me back is the healthcare....I cannot go without insurance. Please give me some advice as he is affecting me so much. He blames me for losing my job never cares how I'm feeling and calls me horrible names constantly. I can't take it anymore!! Advice on healthcare? I'm in PA and I checked the laws on divorce once divorced he no longer has to cover me I don't know what to do.