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Having trouble affording Elmiron (in Canada)

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  • Having trouble affording Elmiron (in Canada)

    I live in Ontario and am having a lot of trouble affording the Elmiron. I really want to stay on it, but I am barely able to buy it.

    Anybody know of any help here? We don't have a drug plan through an employer or anything.....

    I feel like I am going to cry.....

    How can the drug companies charge so much for Elmiron? Does anyone know that???

    ~Very frustrating...
    ~TRACEY~ Wife and Mother of three beautiful

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    Here in the US, the drug company does have a program that will help people who can't afford Elmiron. I suggest you talk to your doctor's office to see if they have a form to contact the company for help.

    Stay safe

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      I get my Elmiron free from the manufacturer. Like Donna said, ask your doctor to get you a form to fill out for patient assistance program. I am not sure how it works in Canada. It took a few months to be entered in the program but they send it to my doctors office every 3 months like clock work. I also could not afford it anymore. It cost $300.00 U.S. every month for me. they should be shot..


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        I don't have insurance either that is part of the reason I decided to try the natural supplementation route and it's been 6 months and is going very well!!! There are no side effects this way which is another bonus!! I thought the health care system in Canada was better than here in the U.S.?

        Definitely talk to your doctor to see if there is anything they can do to help...on the rare occasion I do go to the doctor, I tell them up front that I don't have insurance most of the time, they head to their "supply room" & I leave with a bag of samples!!!

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          Donna and the other girls gave you the same advice i was going to add about asking your doctor to fill out the form for you to be able to get the elimron free from the drug maker.
          It will only take a few Min's of there time to do so. They should have no problem making you an appt to come in to talk to one of the Rn's who do this for the Dr to help you stay on the medicine.

          You can also look back on the low income board I posted some numbers for medicine help that My aunt uses. I don't know which number helps with what meds but it would be worth the call to check them out. Just have a pen and paper ready when you call these numbers. I'm sure at least one of the number that I posted should help you with elimron and any other Rx's you have from your Dr.
          those numbers go by your income. My aunt gets three months worth of her medicine for thirty dollars she does have INC. and she is a single lady with a very nice income and gets help. Its worth checking out.
          I hope some of this information helps you in some way.
          sending you hugs and prayers
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            Ya know, it stinks that there isn't a place we can send unused meds. I know it violates every law and infection control law known to man, but I have probably 450 Elmiron capsules that I can't take anymore that will probably wind up meeting a watery grave. It is just too bad they can't recycle them or something for people who can't afford it. I feel guilty that I have all of it and now can't take it.

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              Thanks so much guys. Will do!
              ~TRACEY~ Wife and Mother of three beautiful