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    Well said dixie...

    I had a friend who was dying of sclerosis of the liver who had no insurance. She was in the hospital and she actually heard three doctors outside her hospital room door arguing over who would help her. One doctor said, "Well then, you take her, I don't want her." Can you imagine hearing that one night alone in a hospital bed?


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      Rhonda is correct, there are different income guidelines for pregnant women, and children, at least that is what I was told by my son's caseworker. That is why my son, even though he is 2 now, is still on medicaid and I was kicked off 2 months after I had him (even though I had him by c-section). Our state has a program that I can get him on if we ever exceed the medicaid guidelines for him, which has all the same benefits medicaid does for a flat $10 per month. (mosts all states have something like this for un-insured children) I would happily pay that, I just wish they had something similiar for adults - you know like a sliding premium fee based on your income. After all we all pay into it.

      Incindentally I have to say I have never run into any problems with getting him his care on medicaid, no one has ever treated us differently or substandard. In fact I regard it as a blessing because I do not have to worry or second guess myself ever about taking him to the dr or hospital, or getting him medications, etc. Now when I have gone in myself with no insurance, that is a different story! Ugh! (I had one dr refuse to examine me because "it would cost too much")

      But even when I had the tests done under the hospital's low income program this summer, I was treated well. I've never had a problem with the hospital, but some of the private practice drs - oh boy! So I know what you are saying, I've seen both sides of it.

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