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    Before going to a store or shopping online I ALWAYS check online bargain sharing websites for sales, coupons and promotional codes for online sales. Two of the sites I check are (you can search by store name for coupons and promotional codes) and (discussion forums here are full of good deals). There are many online sites you can check where people share bargain info. I've saved a great deal by consulting these websites before buying anything. I also have registered with online stores as well as regular "brick and mortar" stores and have given them an email address I use only for shopping and bargain hunting (no spam going to my regular email). I now am regularly notified of special sales, unadvertised sale prices and frequently receive coupons for 30, 40 or 50% off my next purchase. I save a ton using these coupons and online specials for my holiday shopping.
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    Ulcerative Colitis and IBS
    Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

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      I went to the 99 cent store and found pyridium (phenazopyridene) tablets under the brand name of Prodium, 30 tablets per box for 99 cents. They also had Miconazole Nitrate cream to treat yeast infections for seven days for the 99 cents. I stocked up. I love that store! Hope I am allowed to say that here! I have no personal connection to the store. I just love shopping there.warm regards, Mare


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        Did you check to see when they go out of date?

        Shopping??? Did someone mention shopping? I'll get my hat... ;-)

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          Hi Sharon,

          The Prodium tablets have an expiration date of 07/09 and the Vaginal cream has an expiration date of 09/10. warm regards, Mare


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            there are sites where you can print coupons for OTC and rx medication.
            Laser cervical surgery after abnormal pap (moderate dysplasia) in 3/2004
            UTIs since mid 2004
            Recurrent yeast infections since mid 2005
            IC dx 3/2006
            V V dx 12/2006
            Other conditions: IBS, allergies, dry eyes.

            Current IC medications:
            Elavil (since 12/06) 10 mg;
            Cysta Q (since 5/07)
            Rephresh acid jel every 3 days
            D-mannose, fish oil, Calcium Citrate, Multivitamins & garlic pills (sometimes)
            Probiotics Femdophilus or other brands
            Gy-Na-Tren for yeast infections (started using it as needed since 2010)
            Other Rx:Omeprazole 20mg; benadryl as needed, Restasis

            Past Meds and why I stopped them:
            Elmiron: March to September 2006: headaches
            Lyrica:2 weeks in 2006: headaches
            Cystoprotek: from Jan to April 2007: nausea

            Femcon Fe (2/07 to 10/07):caused spotting/bleeding
            BCP:Loestrin (since Ocotber 2007) to stop spotting for 2 months. V V worse. Stopped the pill in Nov 07.

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              This was a great thread so I thought we should "bump" it up so our newbies can contribute and learn some things as well.


              Not sure if I posted this saving tip before but, using the Grocery Game or Coupon Mom can be a terrific way to save money at the grocery stores and chain drugstores.

              Anyone else have any tips???
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                I was reading this about insurance. Since we all have one or many chronic illnesses, I thought that this would be of interest to you guys.


                21 year old female. Diagnosed as of November 2008 with onset of symptoms.

                I am currently diagnosed with IC, PFD, endometriosis, asthma, and vulvodynia/contact dermititis, IBS, and fibromyalgia.


                -Amitryptyline 10 mg

                -Neurontin (in place of lyrica because I can't afford it- lol) 300 mg x3 a day
                Flexeril. 10 mg. As needed.
                First laparoscopy showed moderate to severe endo


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                  I keep forgetting to check But, I checked today and they had discounts, coupons and rebates for several of my meds!:woohoo: Just wanted to remind other ICers to check that site frequently to make sure you are saving all you can on your meds.

                  When I checked today, I got the following coupons to save the these amounts: Lidoderm patches: $30 a month, Seroquel: free trial and $75 off 11 months, Estrogel : $20, Elmiron $35 for 4 months.

                  Hope this helps someone!
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                  I am not a medical professional. I do not give medical advice. In all cases, I urge you to talk to your Dr. about your treatment options.

                  D/Xed 2003 with IC. Also have the co-existing condtions of VV, Vulvadynia, Lupus, Fibro, GERD, CPP, Endo, & Adhesions, and Depression

                  Meds: Estrogel (due to total Hyster)
                  The meds r/xed by my Pain Dr. from the Pain Clinic are as follows: Morphine ER and IR, Baclofen, and Lyrica and Seroquel (used off-label as a sleeping pill, but it also helps with depression)

                  (I listed my meds in case someone reading this has been told like so many ICers that Drs dont r/x pain meds for IC.) I want you to know that there ARE tons of us who are also dealing w/this disease and the pain and many of us ARE on pain meds.)

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                    I have a four bedroom house with a TV in every room. I just found out that even when the TV is off it still is using electric current. I pulled out the electric cord on all of them except the one in our den. I don't know yet if it will help with my bill but should find out next month. I'm shopping now for Christmas gifts, looking at sales. I looked into my closet and found ways to up-date my cloths with scarfs, jewerly ETC. I bath & cut my two dogs nail now instead of taking them to the groomer. Every little thing helps. Hugs, Ziggy


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                      anything that is plugged in draws electricity. you brought up a great point.
                      Coffee pott
                      Stove (even if its gas the time is electricial)
                      tvs as you said
                      light lights
                      fax and printers
                      basically anything with a plug.
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                        Tigger_gal thank you for the list. I did not know the extent of items that continue to use electric current even if they are off. Hug, Ziggy


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                          Great thread!
                          1. Goodwill, Target, Dollar Store, & Costco & buy generic!
                          2. Don't use the heater! We had fires and got free firewood all last winter.
                          3. Get son's immunization through the county at $15 a shot!
                          4. get prescriptions through the mail (I believe it save about $5- $15 a month - every bit helps.)
                          5. my husband cuts his hair, mine, and our son's
                          6. we eat mostly at home and make our own pizza dough in a breadmaker - just add the ingredients and it does everything
                          7. camp for vacation
                          8. don't use laundry dryer sheets and home dry clean clothes that need it
                          9. bring a lunch to work! wish I could convine my husband to do the same He eats at Taco Bell or Burger King a lot so it's not that pricey. He never gains a pound. I'm so jealous.
                          10. sorry, I don't buy many gifts. I will pretty much only do so for a kid b-day party. I love to give books. I still try to remember b-days and call or send a card.
                          11. have clothing exchange parties with friends
                          12. we had canceled cable for a while but now we have direct tv for $35 a month
                          13. no home phone

                          My sister has a family of 12 and she...
                          1. uses - You have to pay like $6 a month but she thinks it's worth it.
                          2. has garage sales often and sell things on e-bay
                          3. has made her own laundry soap (idea from the Duggers on tv)