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any ideas for those who have ins. but won't cover meds?

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  • any ideas for those who have ins. but won't cover meds?

    i have been on lyrica and it is working great..i had a week trial..but my ins. refused to pay on it. i can not afford out of pocket 160 or170 a mon. but...we make too much money for the least they think there any programs for help for those who have ins. but for a refused to pay drug?
    dx'd i.c in 96,too many treatments and meds to remember before badder removed in 2000.pain returned..has since been on roller coster of narcs ad other things..3 suicial att..went into hosp to withdrawl from sooo many narcs and wt. got down to 85lbs....came out eating small amounts ad keeping them down..the only pain med was ultram 50mg q 6 hrs..and gabapintien sorry..can spell..600 mg q 6 2003..nowin 2006-ive had mesh pulled from myvaginal walls 3 timesso pain is severe again but also in rectum now..had to add hydro/app q 4 hrs.!!!but i still pray there is hope..i just need o find it.

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    On your ins you can try to fight it. Have your Doc write a letter explaining what or how it helps your IC. Most times....not saying all the time, but that helps. Now they may not cover all of it, but maybe if they understood how it helps then maybe you can get it coverd. You know how you can FIGHT a claim...this is the same well kinda same way u do this. And if nothing else, ask to speak with who ever is in charge and go as high as you can and ask that person for and how to get this med approved for you.

    The only other thing I got is to go threw the Lyrica program and see if you can get it there.

    In the mean time ask your doc to give you samples if possible.

    I'm sorry that's all I have for you, I hope it works out for you. Happy Holidays and take care
    Live your life to YOUR best, and Love to YOUR best!!!

    DX in 03 with Shingles
    Removal of Left ovary due to Cyst in 2005,
    I have had cyst since I started my period as a child age 12
    Hysterecotmy December 06
    IC DX March 07 by PST
    2 "rescue" instills in March 07
    Cyco May 07 confirmed IC
    Uro study June 07
    1st Pain Block July 17,08
    Hydro/Cysto Nov 11, 2008
    12-11-08 was told I had alot of inflamation

    Meds: Allergic to 6 things
    Premarin......taking the gen cause I get it at Walmart for 4$$
    Presique for my drepression :woohoo:
    Abilify for my depression
    Adderall ...found out I'm ADD...makes sense now
    Kolopin for anxiety
    Noroco for my pain
    Valtrex for my shingles as needed

    Sorry if my spelling is off on the meds [/FONT]


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      Your doctor should be able to help you get it approved. The insurance company has a list of medications they cover and it takes a special approval to get anything else. Usually a physician's letter is adequate.

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        Costco! Most prescriptions are way cheaper there.