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    Hello Everyone,

    I just now joined this wonderful forum which I found on a Yahoo search a few days ago. This looks like a great forum with lots of useful information. Thanks to the people who are posting here about how to get some free/lower cost medications, I can surely use it for my asthma meds at least which I have to pay with hardly any money. I will indeed be checking these fine sites out and see if any will be of assistance to that and any other future medications. I do receive my Depakote ER (Time Released Meds for Bipolar Disorder), Free from the pharmaceutical company luckily they send that free to my psychiatrist which I do receive a three month's supply at no cost at all to me. Lots of psych medications are free through the pharmaceutical companies, IF you request it from your psychiatrist and ask them about it, fill out a form and fax it or send it to the pharmaceutical company. The doctors do not mention anything about that, unless people ask them about it. One of my psych meds is not included free, so that I have to pay for. Maybe one of these sources will help cover the costs as I have no real income.


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      My psychiatrist is really good about giving me samples. I'm counting on it here soon since I'll lose my insurance.
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        Yes, psychiatrists are super at giving out samples if they are available as the pharmaceutical companies hand them out. Right away before you run out of insurance, explain that to the doctors and ask them to check which of your psych meds are free through your pharmaceutical companies (some are and some are not), then fill out the forms and send them through. It depends on your amount of income and you have to show proof that you have applied for Social Security Disability and got turned down so you'll need to save that decision of denial for. When and if they ask if you filled out for Medicare as they will, say yes you did that when you applied for Social Security Disability. Now if you haven't filed for Disability yet, you may have to I do not know. That's up to you and your case. If you receive Disability, then I do not know if you still will receive it. I know people who still get the meds from their doctors, maybe at a reduced rate. Also remember if you are low income and have under $2,000 in assets, then apply for Medical Assistance as you may qualify then. That would probably cover most doctor/hospital visits as well as most or some prescriptions.


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          Also at, you can click on state programs and it lists the individual programs by state, to.

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