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  • Lower Rx Costs LARx program

    Even though I live in Orange and not LA County, I found participating pharmacies in my area--pharmacies I regularly get Rxs from.
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    If you do a search for "reduced costs for prescriptions, your state" you should be able to find similar programs. I just found some in Oregon.

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      I'm not finding a single program to help me with Elmiron!!

      I called the manufacturer of Elmiron, and was told that there are many drug-assistance programs that will help me with the cost of the drug.

      I reviewed every drug-assistance program that I could find on the Internet -- and I telephoned the ones with posted phone numbers...

      NOT ONE PROGRAM lists Elmiron in their drug lists.

      I've talked to every hospital in my area, and the State drug-assistance program, and found NOTHING.

      I am about to use the last of my Elmiron, and I do not want to go back to that awful pain and disability.


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        drug-assistance program to help with elmiron!!

        drug-assistance program to help with elmiron. Here is the website I hope this help you!!


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          Thanks. I have tried EVERY possible assistance program listed at -- none of them accept people with our circumstances. My husband's boss switched to this awful, non-credible health insurance, and we can't afford the co-pay for Elmiron.

          I can't find any program that will help me.


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            i am having the same problem, my doctor has me on 3 different pills just to replace Elmiron! God help us....


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              i went to the suggested website for assistance with purchasing Elmiron however i was on Jannssen ortho patient assistance and Johnson & Johnson but because Elmiron's patent expired they will no longer assist with the medicine. ahhhh any other suggetions?


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                21 year old female. Diagnosed as of November 2008 with onset of symptoms.

                I am currently diagnosed with IC, PFD, endometriosis, asthma, and vulvodynia/contact dermititis, IBS, and fibromyalgia.


                -Amitryptyline 10 mg

                -Neurontin (in place of lyrica because I can't afford it- lol) 300 mg x3 a day
                Flexeril. 10 mg. As needed.
                First laparoscopy showed moderate to severe endo


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                  so tired....

                  I reviewed the website and i qualify however they do not carry the medicines that i need. This is a great site for others i strongly suggest that others in need of help with medicine review this site. As for me i will keep praying.....


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                    Bladder installations

                    I take a lot or oral meds, However I find the most success I have is with the medicinal cocktails installed into my bladder works well and its a 10 min time to start working. Once your flare is under control you can reduce the times a day you install. I install 4 times a day when at peak of flare. 2 times a day when I am not in a flare. It prevents flares and when in a flare it tames it in as little as 10 min. It has lidocaine which numbs your bladder so you dont feel the pain, sodium bicarbonate to nutralize the acid, and heprin to prevent blood clots in your bladder which helps to prevent spasms because your not trying to pass blood clots through your uritha. Yes I do take a whole host of oral meds but I swear by the intallations. Try discussing this with your urologist. I even have the amounts of each to make the cocktail if interested.


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                      to candysheart

                      RE: candysheart
                      are u saying you insert the cath yourself up to 4x a day and fill the bladder without problems -wow ; how do you do that? and what was that like the first time you did it?


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                        I am responding to your post. You asked about cathing 4x's. Let me correct my statement. I cath 4x's for my treatments, however I have an Atonic bladder (dead), so I have to cath, every time I have to empty my bladder. Since I have a very low capacity bladder I have to cath up to 24 times a day. I have to cath every 1-2 hours in a 24 hour period. I get up all night every 1-2 hours as well as day time. First It was not hard at all, now Its hard because its getting OLD. I had a folly cath with a drainage bag for 2-3 years before I found a doctor who treats IC and Atonic bladders with nerve damage. So yes More then 4x's and for Intament moments are extra treatments in addition to the 4. Some times I Just sit and cry. I am very bitter because mine is not due to natural causes. If your intersteded in more, let me know, I feel more comfortable telling in private message. The doctor just changed my cocktail to increase the lidocaine, because the numbness was not lasting long enough and the cathing was getting to me. It still will not change the amount of times numbness just lasts longer. Oh yea, I have to use Lidocaine jelly to put on the lofic to numb the uritha to keep the irritation down. Yes its a big WOW..'The cathing and folley has been part of my life since 2003. prior to that I had mid 2002 I had to rock back and forth to try to drain.
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                          Looking for help with elmeron. If you are on disability SSA and are eligible for medicare they have COVERAGES A, B , AND NOW D. D is a RX coverage, its not that costly depending on what insurance company you get. I chose RXamerica and they cover Elmeron, but only because the doctor appealed thier rejection of payment. He told them my diagnosis and why elmeron was needed and they gave a special treatment autherization. I do pay a co-pay of only $3. And a $1 for all meds that are not on a special treatment aurtherization. I pay my monthy insurance premium. I think its somewhere around $50 monthly. For all meds after $4.000 out of pocket meds covered or not, they call it catistrophic and you pay nothing for the rest of the year. including the $50 premium is dropped for the rest of the year. IC is a expensive thing to have so you can rack up $4,000 fairly fast. by summer I will not pay a penney for all coverd meds.and no premium.


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                            how do you do private message


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                              privte messages

                              If you look up on the right hand side of the page where it says welcome click private messages.