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    I was diagnosis in January (2010) with IC. I have not had any medical insurance in about 6 years. In the next few months I will likely have a job with insurance. I believe they offer Aflack as well.

    OK my question has anyone had problems getting insurance through work or private once they have had the IC officially diagnosis?
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    If you get insurance via a group plan, such as that offered by employers, they will almost always cover pre-existing conditions. Some will have a waiting period, however.

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      donna is right in regarding to employment insurance. You will be covered but you will probably have a waiting period of 3-6months. I know where I work at they do this now; before hand they covered you right from the start.


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        I have Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance via husband's company. It was the same company that I used to pay for my husband and myself. I got my IC diagnosis when I was paying my own health insurance. The thing is, BCBS keeps increasing my insurance premium every year. I was paying $500/month for it. It wasn't really easy for me and my husband because we barely make our ends meet. Of course, I tried so many other companies to find a better rate,but with my IC, no other insurance company accepted me. I had no other choice, but stuck with them. Only thing that I liked about BCBS was I don't have to worry about referrals and other complicated procedures to see my doctors. They had a huge network of doctors. Last year, I lost my job and my husband lost his job and got another job with providing same health insurance that we had before. so It was very lucky for us because we could save $500/mo for our insurance. Now my husband is telling me that he might get his old job back but no benefit. That means that we have to pay$500/mo again. I know how much he likes his old job. I hope he gets paid well to cover our insurance cost. Another thing is that I am worried about is what if health insurance company won't accept me because of my IC. I am so scared. My husband has to do COBRA until we get our own insurance. I know Obama changed COBRA policy for laid-off people. Does anyone know about it? Lately, I am having a hard time with my IC. I am having UTI now and on medication. With current condition, I cannot go on not seeing a doctor for a month.
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          I can't get private insurance because of my preexisting conditions, but I also have asthma and carpal tunnel besides IC. One insurance company actually gave one of the reasons they denied me as sinus infections because I get one at least once a year (usually with the season change)...I mean come on...if they're going to turn down everyone who's had a sinus infection how does anyone have private insurance? The last two companies I've had insurance through though (through a previous job and COBRA from my mom's insurance when I was too old to stay on it) did not have any waiting period for preexisting conditions though, so it just depends.


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            oh geez...why does it have to be so hard?