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    How do you afford Elmiron and other drugs? My father says he won't pay for elmiron or anymore drugs, I just have to live with it. I do live with it, I've been trying to sleep about 13 hours withh eat pad on and off a day or more. I don't have much money at all. I wish I was never born ... anyway, how do you afford all of this? I have no career, never worked, nothing.
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    Re: how to afford

    That sounds like a really difficult situation. Assuming you're in the U.S., are you eligible for Medicaid ( That's what I used to pay for Elmiron before I discovered menstrual cessation as a treatment. For the past 12 years, menstrual cessation has been the only treatment I need to manage my IC, and even Planned Parenthood can manage it for me, which is cheap. I know menstrual cessation doesn't work for everyone, though. I hope you find a treatment that works for you soon so that you don't have to feel this way.

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      Re: how to afford

      I go through Imprimis pharmacy and that's the only way I can afford the "generic" Elmiron (PPS-DR). Google them. It is much cheaper and I've been using them for almost a year.

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      Diagnosed via cysto/hydro 2/6/2015
      Symptoms: frequency, urgency. uretha discomfort, mild bladder pain (a raw sore type feeling.)
      IC Diet (2/15) , Elmiron 100-300mg (3/15-5/16) insurance issues switched to PPS-DR (5/16-present) 2 150mg capsules daily (pentosan polysulfate sodium same formulation in Elmiron) DH Aloe 3-6 capsules daily (3/15), Schiff Digestive Advantage probiotics 1 pill daily (3/15), Amitriptyline 25mg- (5/15-8/16)attempting to wean down due to suspected weight gain side effect. Hydroxydine 25-50mg as needed at bedtime (5/15) Quercetin 2 pills daily to help immune system and body inflammation. Cystoprotek 4 capsules daily (8/15). Prelief as needed.
      USE DURING FLARES: Heating pad, ice packs for PFD, Vaginal Valium 10-20mg, Uribel, Pelvic floor stretches.
      PAST TREATMENTS: PFD physical therapy (6/15-10/15) & Counseling for stress mgt (9/15-12/15) both very helpful. GNC brand progesterone cream (not sure if this made a difference). Too many different diets and herbs to list.
      TRIGGERS: STRESS STRESS STRESS. BCP. Hormonal fluctuance (ovulation/period). Coffee, artificial preservatives and dyes.


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        Re: how to afford

        Don’t lose hope….disappointment only worsens the situation. You can apply in the state funded programs or seek help from local NGO’s. Hope you find the right treatment soon....


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          Re: how to afford

          You could talk with your doctor to ask for help with elmiron --- the drug company has a program to help those who can't afford it. And please stick with the IC diet --- that can be a huge, huge help.

          Sending gentle hugs,
          Stay safe

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            Re: how to afford

            I have insurance and the Elmiron coupon system, it was still over $100 for a month's supply