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Why do we always get treated like dirt?

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  • Why do we always get treated like dirt?

    Last week I thought I would call the SPCA about their pet food pantry. Was on the news 3 years ago about how they started it up to help animal owners out. I never called because as long as I had enough to get by I wouldn't take help I didn't need. Others are worse off then me but last month I ran out of money for food for me and liter for my fur kids and I had no money to buy more. I'm not begging the lord who owns everything where I live. brother. My dad left it all to him when he died. I worked just as hard but I have just a vagina and people with vaginas are slaves. Anyways, I asked the lady about the program and she said you can get help 6 times a year, I need proof that I live in the county by an utilitie bill. I told her I don't have utilities in my name. But then she got really rude with me and told me there are 700 people on the list already and they need food for all of the animals they have. I got rude back at her and told her I know they have lots of animals to take care of and I couldn't use their food anyways because I have to buy the food at the vets. I just wanted to see if I could have a little help with the liter. She told me they never have liter. It's basically what ever they have left over. Or someone donates something they can't use. Basically....a waste of time and not a real pet food pantry. When they showed it on the news they showed shelves full of food for cats and dogs and made it out like they had lots to give out to help people but no and everytime I have delt with the SPCA in the past they were always rude too. She told me to go buy it at Family dollars ect ect and I told her they were to expensive. They only sell the small boxes. The only way to get liter cheap is to buy it at least 40 lbs or more. Which I have been doing and I got smart. I buy all their liter and canned food online now. Not sure I can tell the website name but it starts with a "C" and it's really got price and it gets delivered to my house for free. No more lugging it from the store home. I was going to go and try the food pantry for me again last week too since I was down to just 3 bottles of boost I found in the food pantry at my house and some old frozen muffins I made in my freezer but after dealing with the SPCA I decided against it. I'm tired of being treated like dirt. I've had it happen so many times for the last 20 years and my family does it the worse. So, I just waited until the 1st and bought what will have to last me the month. Plus I'm in sooooooooooooooo much pain now from stopping the heparin and doing things I can't really do (lifting, mowing,pushing) I'm not hungry. It's a good diet and I can now fit into an XL shirt that I coudln't fit into last month.
    I'm not sure why they advertise about programs to help people when they treat us like dirt other then they like to see people beg. My dad and brother loved doing that to me and I know my brother was just waiting for me to beg him for money but I wouldn't do it. I"m still not talking to him and I don't ever plan on it along with the rest of my so called family. I told my fur kids they will just have to use the liter boxes like they were until I could get more on the 1st. They were down to just a skim of liter in their boxes but it worked out.
    Anyone else get help and not get treated like dirt? When I had my laproscopy surgery done 6 years ago I signed up for Dial a ride. It's there for people who need a ride for surgeries or appointment if they have no one or no car. Those people were rude also. I wonder if it's just the city I live in. Most everyone are rude now where before it was a nice city where people were friendly.
    Anyways, at least I tried.

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    Re: Why do we always get treated like dirt?

    I'm hoping that you misunderstood the request for a piece of mail. I volunteer at a food pantry for people and we have to verify address, which can be a piece of mail, such as a utility bill. If there isn't a utility bill, any piece of mail, unless it's a PO box number, is adequate proof. We tell people they can even send themselves a postcard --- it just has to be stamped by the post office.

    I remember when I was a child and we didn't use kitty litter --- a box of dirt worked. I don't know whether if would work to mix dirt with kitty litter to make it go further --- does anybody know if that works?

    How many fur babies do you have now? I don't remember how old they are, but I do remember how you fell in love with them.

    Stay safe

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      Re: Why do we always get treated like dirt?

      Mail won't work. I even told said to her how about my drivers liscense? I also told her I could bring the letter I got in January for my SSI but she said no to that. Things have gotten very hard to get help now in NY state. They have changed things so much so that some doctors retired very early so they didn't have to work with medicaid. They worked for the hospitals or other doctors that accepted medicaid and they said if the medicaid system changed they would quit and they did.
      You can't mix other kinds of liter with the scoopable kind and that's the only kind I use. I tried non-clumping but it stinks to much and it's way to hard to clean out and would cost more because I'd have to empty the box every day. I have 5 now. Did have 6 but you know I lost Popeye last year and hard to believe but the kittens turned 11 years old back in April. I sure do still miss my Popeye and cry all the time over her yet. Still blame myself and wish I could turn time back and re-do things for her and the others. Life just sucks so much now and my fur kids are the only reason I still get up each day.