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This post is for you Donna :-)

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  • This post is for you Donna :-)

    I decided to go to the food band today and see what happened. Figured the worse they could do was say no and throw me out. It did not go the way I was told on the phone. All I had to do was fill out paper work, give my SS number and that was it. I didn't have to prove my income (took paper work with me for that) answer any questions. The people that work there were very nice and no one treated me like dirt. The only problem I had when I first got there were all the other people waiting in line but I just thought I have to get in and get to my own little corner and then on with it. I only took half of what food I was allowed because I can't swallow it but I got enough. It's once a month only which is fine. I did get 2 boxes of cereal with a medium size carton of milk. 3 single serves of pears (my favorites and only fruit I can eat) 1 box of mini peanut butter filled crackers and 4 jumbo muffins which equals 8 regular muffins. Oh, and a dozen eggs. They had meat and peanut butter, noodles stuff but all of that I can't eat. So, it all helps. I've lived on cereal before and if by the end of the month that's all I have then that's what I eat but I'm really surprised how well it all went. Even the people waiting in line weren't rude.
    Now I won't have to beg my brother for money for food or for the fur kids. Unless one of them gets really sick but at this moment I can breath easier. I do feel guilty for going there. (I could have had free clothing also but I told the lady I don't need clothing) I really do not have to go there to take food that someone else who really really needs it but I'm not part of the family business so I must do for myself and my fur kids.
    At least today is a good day for me for a change.

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    Re: This post is for you Donna :-)

    Thank you for posting about this. I'm so glad you went and that it was a good experience. I know the one where I work is a friendly place. Don't ever feel guilty about going there.

    Warm hugs,
    Stay safe

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      Re: This post is for you Donna :-)

      I tried going to the food bank at a church just 10 minutes from me. The line of people was unreal and my fear of people and having people around appeared but I managed to hold it together while I waited 20 minutes in line. I did start having flash backs of being in grade school standing outside in line with the kids waiting for the buzzer to go off for them to let us in to start our school day. 9:00 am came and they opened the church doors and started herding all the people in. I didn't know you were supposed to ask for a tick number when you got in but it didn't really matter. When I turned the corner to the room where everyone had to go and wait I said "nope" and I turned right around and wanted out fast but I had to stand in the corner and wait for the rest of the people to get in and then I noticed the lady handing out numbers. I was techniclly number 96 but since she didn't hand a number I was going to be last one because there were well over 100 people. She ran out of numbers to pass out after 100. The other food bank I go to isn't run like that. They space the people out over the month and not like the church where they hold the food bank twice a month. So, I guess if I run out of food I will just buy a big bag of dry dog food and make due that way. I've tried the dry cat food in the past and it wasn't bad (just wanted to knw why my kids liked it so much) but cat food costs more then dog.
      Mentally I'm just sooooooooooooooooooooooo upset. Wanted to cry myself to sleep last night because of the lidocaine shortage and even if I could still get it I don't know how to mentally and physically get to my Uro to have the heparin done. It's like I have 2 brains. A normal one and an abi-normal and they fight against each other.
      But...for now I'm home until end of month because I have only 1/3 tank of gas left and I need that incase I have to take one of the kids to the vets.