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  • Elmiron Assistance Program

    Here's the basic contact information. Anyone have experience with this? I've worked with several patients who currently receive free Elmiron through this program. The income requirements can be strict.

    Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance Program
    Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems
    PO Box 221857
    Charlotte, NC 2822-1857

    Eligibility Criteria: The patient must have no prescription coverage for the medication and meet income guidelines that are not disclosed. The patient must also be a US resident.

    Other Program Information: The medications are either sent to the doctor’s office or the patient is sent a pharmacy card. The company automatically sends out refills. Once a year a new application with documentation is needed.
    Would you like to talk with someone about your IC struggles? The ICN now offers personal coaching sessions that include myself, Julie Beyer RD on the diet and Dr. Heather Howard on Sexuality.

    Looking for books, magazines & reports on IC? Please visit the ICN Shop at: Your ICN subscription & purchases in our shop support these message boards, chats and special events. BECOME AN ICN ANGEL TODAY!

    Please remember that the information on the ICN is provided with the understanding that ICN, its founder, staff, volunteers, and participants are not engaged in rendering medical or professional medical services. We cannot and do not give medical advice. Only your personal physician can do this for you.

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    I get assistance through this program. I believe you must make less than $20,000 a year to qualify. They require a copy of your tax return for income verification. They sent me a card in the mail that I take to the pharmacy...they run it through the computer like an insurance card and I get it for $0 copay. I was just accepted for another year on the program - they don't send a new card, they just activate the old one for another year.


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      That's wonderful for the folks that need help and have no insurance coverage.


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        I'm so happy that you posted this! I'm currently struggling getting accepted by a health insurance plan due to this "pre-existing condition". This will help a lot.
        I have been battling IC since I was 5 years of age. I was finally officially diagnosed with IC when I was 17 years of age. I am currently attend East Tennessee State University in order to become an Epidemiologist. I would love to assist with finding the cure for this painful disease.


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          They now disclose the income requirements, but they also want your total assets, and I couldn't find a requirement for that. Does anyone know? If anyone who has successfully gotten assistance with this program feels comfortable telling me what their assets are through PM, I would greatly appreciate it.


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            When I applied I believe you had to have less than $20,000 in annual income and assets. It's been about a year and a half though since I applied (I got insurance in November, so I'm not eligible anymore).


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              I'm so bummed because I found out Elmiron would cost me $450 a month!!!!! I have insurance but it's a generic RX only plan. I asked what it could cost to go to a PPO and it's $430 a month with a $150 name brand deductible. I already tried Elmiron for a year and it didn't help but I thought maybe if I went on it long term it could help. Hmmmm Can't afford it but maybe someday the generic will come out.