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Gelnique patient assistance program

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  • Gelnique patient assistance program

    About 6 months ago I searched for this online and couldn't find anything, so I called the drug company (Watson) and they gave me another number, etc...anyway here it is:

    Gelnique patient assistance program, call: 866-303-7060

    You'll need to have your doctor's fax number and make sure your doctor's office is ok with them sending your medication to them. They'll fax the application to your doctor's office and then you'll have to go in and fill out your part. It asks for your annual income, but you don't need a copy of your tax return or pay stubs like other programs ask for. The doctor's office has a part to fill out and then they'll fax it to the program. If you qualify you'll get three months of free medication sent to your doctor's office. Not sure what the qualifications are but usually you have to have no prescription coverage and make under $20,000 a year. You could call and ask of course (I was already on two patient assistance programs so I knew I'd qualify...)

    FYI, the same company makes the Oxytrol patches, but they don't have a patient assistance program for it.

    Hope this helps!

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    Cannot find help for fentanyl patches (Mylan) which cost 239 a month, or oxycodone which cost 230 a month. Did notice that there is assistance for Duragesic patch, and we will talk to doc about switching that next week, but we've had such success with the fentanyl, hate to mess with it. We will have to wait til we can get our tax return together. Unfortunately, Bob had his disability settlement back in May '10 which was 2 years worth, so we may be over the limit. We have just a few too many $ in bank to qualify for state programs, so guess we'll just have to try to exhaust our resources and be dirt poor within the next year. The cost of meds is ridiculous, and Part D is a joke. Jill, wofe of Bob


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      If all else fails, call the drug company. That's what I had to do to find the Gelnique program. None of the patient assistance programs I've been on (I've been on 3 from 3 different drug companies) consider how much $ your have in the bank or assets or anything, just your yearly income.