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  • Financial Help for Elmiron

    Our Insurance plan changed as of 1/1/13, We were paying $25 a month for Elmiron to be taken 3xday. Now with the new Insurance plan it is $650.79. We are a struggling family of 6. This new Rx fee is completely out of reach. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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    Do you live in the United states? I wasn't able to take it, to many side effects. I'm trying the Marshmallow Root tablets from the Whole foods store. Haven't noticed any improvement yet.


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      Elm iron

      I too face a huge cost with elmiron. That is sinful. Way too costly


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        Sadly, this has happened to hundreds if not thousands of patients around the USA. I wouldn't be able to afford $600 a month either.

        #1 - You can apply for their Drug Assistance Program though, fair warning, it requires near poverty level income.

        #2 - You can consider other therapies. Elmiron is certainly not the only medication available, such as: antihistamines, etc.

        #3 - OTC supplements have tremendous appeal. CystoProtek, CystaQ and Desert Harvest Aloe have helped many IC patients over the years and have a far more reasonable price.. at approx. $45 a month. They've also been studied specifically with IC patients. You can learn more, watch videos and find them in our shop at:

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          If it's working for you, your physician may be willing to apply for an exception for you. My insurance company has removed one of my meds from their list and my pain management doctor's office is applying for an exception for me. I hope you will be able to get an exception.

          Stay safe

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