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My intial denial was lost in..

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  • My intial denial was lost in..

    the mail? wth? i mean i am waiting like 8 months and no news, so i call em, they said u haven't filed ur appeal yet? i am like no, didn't know i was denied yet, but jeez thanks for that tip. umm no when u get me my letter i will file the appeal. they were delaying the case for 60 days to run out. can they do that? will i have to reapply?

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    I hope you have copies of everything; I think in your place I might contact an attorney and ask for help. Usually it doesn't cost anything unless they win for you, at which time they would get a percentage of your back pay.

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      I think in your case, I would send them a certified letter demanding they re-issue their original letter of denial, and that they send a copy to you by certified mail since you did not receive the original.

      I really don't think they engage in games like withholding your letter of denial until it's too late for you to appeal. They may be incompetent; they're not, by and large, corrupt. Although it's always possible you've encountered the exception.

      That's my opinion; I am not acting as your attorney in giving this advice since I do not have an active license to practice law, but I do have a law degree, and I have also a sister who's been a lawyer for nearly 20 years and does exclusively Social Security work, on the client side.

      You may need a lawyer if that doesn't work.
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        thank yall very much for ur replies. I should have gave my post more attention. It was just my actual letter the mail u, not the whole case. I assumed (my first mistake) that the letters were sent certified, if not then should be, but needless to say I have still been watching the mail don't think my roommate would have lost it. they told me on phone that my time should not be up since i called but until i get attorney actually hired, i dunno.

        well question, in yall's opinion should i probally go with local attorney vs national?


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          find your self a good ssd atty. it really don't matter if it is local or national.
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            thank u very much.


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              Keep in mind also that if you feel comfortable handing your case yourself, you can do it. Try to find a good person at your local office. They can provide really great info and are good at knowing the ins and outs as well. The best thing is that they are free. Yes it's a pain in the butt and if you don't feel comfortable speaking up for yourself, I would definately get an attorney. But, I just wanted to let you know that it can be done without having one. I won my own disability case and representated myself at a hearing. There are others on this board who have done the same, and if you choose to go this route, I know many will chime in and help you along the way. If you feel up to it, it can save you thousands if you are entitled to lots of back pay.


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                ssa finally got my appeal going. i just hate to have to give an attorney money for filling out paperwork. maybe a little more work. but i am disabled, worked my butt off for years, served my country and deserve every dime i am entitled to. i think ssa should be held liable for these attorney fees. they wouldn't deny so many folks if they were. urrrgggg very fustrated. guess i will have to keep waiting on another denial then stupid hearing. continuing to be broke in meantime, what a joke this system they have set up.